Loving My Kids In The Mess

My little boys feet

Please pick up five things to throw away I tell my kids as I park our truck in front of the house. My truck has turned into everyone’s trash can. Not proud to admit this, but we eat on the go all the time. It’s a habit that seems too big to break.

When I asked my kids to pick up the trash in the back seat they just stared at me. I threatened them with the usual, no more eating in the car if you guys can’t clean up.

I’m not sure if my four year old daughter was listening, but she took a bag of graham cracker crumbs and pours it on top of her brother’s head.

I scream what are you doing? They just stand there with trash, jackets, toys, bags, and book all around their feet not moving a finger to pick it up.

I let them know how sick and tired I am of their messes. Nothing gets picked up and they don’t seem to care. So I cancel our fun afternoon activities and send them to their rooms as a punishment.

Kaylee cries and my heart hurts. Justin screams at me, “I am tired of you Mom.”

Now my heart is broken.

Parenting is hard and I miss the mark often.   When my kids rebel I want to yell and they just yell back.

I know I could have handled things differently.   They pick up so much better when I sing a song with them and help. Life goes so much smoother when I have a good sense of humor.   What if I laughed with my daughter when she poured cracker crumbs all over her brother instead of shame her? Looking back it was kind of funny and I wish that I didn’t get mad.

In my Mommy Moment time out chair, I wonder about my attitude.   Why am I getting sick and tired of my kid’s messes?       Is it because it’s inconvenient for me and messes require me to work when I rather have fun? Why don’t I make cleaning up more enjoyable for all of us?

My daughter loves when I come into her room and help her organize it and decorate it. She smiles and hugs me. My son loves when I create different spaces for him to be creative. I show my kids that I love them when I serve them with kindness.

I fear that when I yell at them, they might think that I am sick of them, and that is never a message I want my Justin and Kaylee to receive from me.

I want to show them love in everything I say and do. When they feel better they do better. When they see me take care of messes with a good attitude, they pitch in better.

I have to sometimes step back from my busy days and remind myself what amazing blessings they are. Truly they are my treasures sent from God for me to cherish and love.

I’m going to show my six year old and four year old how much I love them by taking care of them in the messes.

Equipping Godly Women

8 thoughts on “Loving My Kids In The Mess

  1. I couldn’t know yet how hard it is to be a mom but judging by this post, oh gosh it takes super patience and consideration! Kudos to you for trying so hard to be better all the time. Sometimes mom seems heartless when they discipline us. It’s a good thing to read the mom’s perspective like this. You hurt more when you see your kids hurting from your tough love.

    Take it easy! Have a wonderful day!

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    • Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me. Being a mom has changed me and has helped me grow up to be a better person. I didn’t realize how selfish I was until I had kids. I am so glad that I am becoming more of a servant with a servants heart filled with love. My world has become so much brighter because there is less of me just living only for me. Again thanks for stopping by.


  2. Oh my… I could swear you were listening to me talking to my kids in those first two paragraphs 😉 I too feel so horrible after giving false threats and realize I was frustrated for no reason really. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone, and giving me hope to do it all better next time.

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  3. It’s so refreshing to know that we all deal with the same things. Thank you so much for sharing. Sometimes I feel like I am all on my own in my being tired of the mess and getting mad about it. It’s good to be reminded that we are not alone. ❤


    • Hi Kayla, Thanks so much for stopping by today. No you are not alone. The purpose of this blog to build community so that us moms can support one another. It’s amazing how our comments can be encouraging to others. Your comment and coming by today really encourages me. I’m glad that I’m not alone. I hope you keep coming back. Love to have you join us.

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  4. I have definitely had those days. Its hard to have a balance between disciplining and letting things go sometimes! Great reminder today. Thank you!

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    • Hi Kortney!! Thanks so much for coming on over. It’s hard to find the balance and I feel like everyday that I’m trying to figure it out because I want them to learn and never feel shamed. I been crying out to God to help me be a patient mom with a servants heart. I’ll be over shortly to see your post that you have on mops writers page. Have a blessed day Kortney and lots of fun with the kids.


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