3 Myths About Depression That Need to Stop

Fearfully Made Mom

john 10-10

Someone in your life right now is suffering from depression. They feel as though they are hopelessly alone, that there is no way out, that there is no end to the darkness that permeates them from all sides.

Symptoms of their mental state may not be outwardly visible. They may feel shamed by it. There may be no one in their life they feel they can trust with the words. With the admission that they’re not fine.

The year following my son’s birth was one of the darkest times of my life. Although I’d battled the illness in the past, it came to its peak during my postpartum days. By the grace of God, I came through that time stronger instead of obsolete.

But there are days when the enemy tries to sneak back into those places in my soul that cry out for different world. A less fallen world…

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