Mom’s Community Writing Group -Beth Biggers

Beth photo

 Meet Beth Biggers

Have you ever read a post and smiled all the way through?  That is what happens to me when I read Beth Biggers posts.  And she makes me laugh and cry all at the same time.

I’m so thankful that Beth said yes to my invitation when I invited her to be an ongoing writer in our Community.  She is fun, loving, and inspirational.  I just love this Beautiful Lady who has a heart for God!

I believe you will enjoy Beth too.  She will be writing every Friday about Faith.

Beth asked me to share this with you and I’m glad to do so.

“Beth Biggers has been following Jesus for 11 years, married to Brandon for 7, and a mom for 5.  Her sons Luke and Liam provide her with adventure, laughs, and content for her blog at where she writes about family, faith, and urban homesteading.”

This coming up Friday May 15th Beth will be posting and sharing more about herself and her faith in God.

We are so blessed to have you in our Community Beth and thank you so much for saying yes to my invitation.  I sincerely appreciate you and I’m full of joy that we get to write together.

Beth Would Like To Meet You!


Instagram: the_real_beth


Twitter: @biggersbeth

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