Parenting – The Power Of Thank You by Kaylie Hodges


Kaylie Hodges

“Good Job!”

“Way to go!”

“You did great!”

I hear my own enthusiastic words echoed in my kids words and tone and it makes me smile. We are nothing if not a zealous people around here.

It’s not necessarily that I am trying to be a cheerleader, it is just my personality. The truth is that it is so common and so inherent around here that most of the time it is just background noise. My kids know that it is just the way we are and the way mom does things.

In it’s daily excess it loses some of its meaning.

I heard once that a kid’s life is like a bucket and our job is to get it as full as we can so that when the world pokes holes in it, it won’t run dry.

So how am I supposed to genuinely fill my children’s bucket with a sense of self-worth when I often feel like my encouragement is just extra noise in the background of remonstrations?

For me building my children’s self-worth has come in the simple words, “Thank you.”

All of the cheering and enthusiasm is a good thing, but it is often aimed at their actions and accomplishments and that isn’t where I want my children to bury their worth. I want it planted firmly in God’s love for them.  to read the rest

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I like to share about all the glory that God shows me over at my blog I write about faith, family, and funnies. I love to listen to stories, and tell tales of the beauty from ashes that is adoption, and often motherhood in general. I am currently working on a book about sharing lives and sharing faith!

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