Are You Striving or Thriving? – Wednesdays With Desiree Taylor

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“Cease Striving and Know that I am God; I will be exalted among the Nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 (NASB)

It was another one of those weeks. I had packed my week full and the unexpected circumstance poured in and my life was like a full glass of water with a little extra poured in, causing it to overflow, rushing down over the glass, onto the counter and then the floor.

My husband was gone at a training trip for work so my back up was not around either.

This does not make for a very Godly household.

I was frustrated and quick tempered, wondering how I got to this place AGAIN!

I have always struggled with the feeling, that I always need to be doing something. I do not sit well at all!

I sat before the Lord, a worn out and burnt woman.

I had to ask Him, how did I get here…again?

I love how when we ask, He speaks.

He gently showed me that I made plans without really asking Him if that was what He wanted me to be doing that week.

I saw what I felt needed to be done or because my husband was gone I assumed I need to cram two weeks worth of visiting and running around into one week.

I have learned time and time again that when I involve the Lord in making my plans and follow them, I always have what I need to do them.

It seems as though we hit the ground running, neglecting our time to sit before the Lord and ask Him what He has for us today or this week and we take off running on our own, doing what we feel we should be doing.

This will always lead to burn out, weariness, missed opportunities, and special moments.

I know that my children did not get the best mom that week. My friends didn’t get the best friend, and God certainly didn’t get the best daughter.

This week I took time to sit in God’s presence, to ask His Holy Spirit to fill me and guide me in all He wanted me to do. I ask Him to lead me to the ones I need to love on and see this week. I don’t fill time so much that I miss the conversation with the people He puts in my path each day.

I find that even when I am doing just as much, if it is spirit lead, I am not weary and worn because my Father’s yoke is easy and His burden is light.

I encourage you to sit before God, with your heart surrendered to HIs will and your calendar in hand. Be still before Him and cease striving so He may be exalted through you on this earth and in this Nation!

Lord, I pray that You would be Lord of my heart and my schedule. I ask for forgiveness for striving instead of being still before You and allowing You to guide and direct me. Show me Your will and Your way for all my days so You may be exalted through me. In Jesus Name!!

Meet Desiree Taylor

My name is Desiree Taylor. I am a wife to a wonderful man, a mom to two boys Kyle and David. My heart is to share my life and heart in a transparent way to show you how my relationship with Jesus Christ has transformed me from the inside out. I pray my story and writing that you find at my blog;, causes you to seek God more and draw closer to Him, in a way that brings transformation and freedom to your life.

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