Video By Lisa Brown – Be The Mom God Made You To Be – Dare To Be Different


In this video I talk about being me and the way God made me as a parent.  I share a new book that I love.  Mothering From Scratch by Melinda Means and Kathy Helgemo.  


Prayer from Mothering From Scratch pg.27

“Lord , let me see myself the way You see me.

Instill in my heart a holy view of who I am rather than one that 

makes me feel hopeless and inadequate.

I an not perfect, but You are. 

Thank You for creating me just the way I am.

Remind me to draw on Your grace and wisdom for both myself 

and my children. Amen.”

Tonight right before posting this I dropped my laptop right down on the hard tile floor in my kitchen,  Thankfully there are other computers in the house.  But my laptop with all my writing, documents, favorites, and pictures is on it.  I think I broke it.  Me and my clumsy self.

I tell myself accidents happen – but I’m beating myself up.  When I read the above prayer – I have to ask myself, Lisa are you going to give yourself some grace?

My children are in bed thankfully and did not see this happen.  Tomorrow they will be asking me where my laptop is.  The very thing that I carry with me all through the house.

How will I respond?  My challenge will be to show them that I have grace for myself.   And that I can handle it.

As a writer and blogger my computer is a pretty important tool. They will know that Mommy has broken something that is valuable.  I’m pretty sad about this.

The greatest thing I can do for my children and myself is to love me even when I make a mistake.  It’s not cool to label myself clumsy.  I wouldn’t want my children to label themselves as inadequate.

Yet, deep inside of me that’s how I feel.  I’m a mess up.  Not true of course and neither are you.

Ladies we must stop believing the lies we tell ourselves.  We are not mess ups.  We are God’s creation and I’m a little clumsy.  But clumsy does not define me.

What about you Moms

Do you feel like you have to be like others?

When you make mistakes do you beat yourself up or give yourself some grace?

6 thoughts on “Video By Lisa Brown – Be The Mom God Made You To Be – Dare To Be Different

  1. What a lovely prayer! I could really relate to what you said about having had this vision (before kids) of what my family would look like. Reality has proven to be totally different than that long ago fantasy. I can honestly say it’s so much better!

    So sorry to hear about your laptop! That is so disappointing, but I love how you said, “But clumsy does not define me.” So true, friend. Praying for total grace and peace to surround you today!

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    • Rebeca your kind words make me smile. Thank you. I’m learning that God’s ideas are better then the ones I had about parenting and marriage. God is showering me with peace and grace today over my laptop!!!


  2. I love that prayer too. I definitely did not imagine parenting as it really is for me. I always need to stop comparing myself to others also. I’m not them. What works for others, doesn’t always for me. From the moment I became a parent this has been a struggle. I might need to check that book out.

    I’m sorry about your laptop! Yikes! That sounds awful! 😦

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    • It’s an excellent book my friend. Let me know if you get it and maybe we can share back and forth what God is teaching us. I’m here to pray and support you. Let me know how I can pray for you. You have my email!

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