When an Emotional Eater Breaks Free

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When an Emotional Eater Breaks Free

Written by Sarah Knepper

For almost 20 years now I’ve been an emotional eater. This title has gotten easier to say out loud now that I have been publicly speaking about this for the past five months.

I decided to share this with my readers because I believe there are thousands of women struggling with eating issues. We keep our suffering silent so others don’t judge those secretive eating habits we love to hate.

So how did this all begin?

When I was a young child, before ten years old, I would sneak food when my family wasn’t around. I loved cookies, chips, pasta, and donuts. Basically anything carb related. We were also members of the “clean your plate” club, so it made my habit easier to conceal.

Once I became a teen driver I would go through the drive-thru on my way to or from somewhere and binge. The feeling of being in complete control of my money, my car, and my food was ecstasy for me.

I had no idea what debilitating habits I was building each time I fed my emotions with food.

No one suspected my overeating, or at least no one said anything. My body shared my secret…  (Read the rest of the post at: http://www.vision61.com/when-an-emotional-eater-breaks-free )


Meet Sarah

Sarah Knepper is wife to a structural engineer, mama to four kids, a lover of words, and an overcomer. She encourages women through everyday life over at Redemption Diary.com. She has her Master’s Degree in Education, but chooses to stay home and manage the chaos of her thriving children.

Twitter Handle: @redemptiondiary
Instagram Handle: @redemptiondiary
Facebook: https://m.facbook.com/redemptiondiary
Blog: http://redemptiondiary.com

Many thanks to all of the contributors for this series!

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