What Is Fear Keeping You From? – Wednesdays With Desiree Taylor

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I have recently been asked the question, “What fears do I have about writing?” I sat down to think about this. While I pondered the question and prayed that God would help me to answer this honestly, a few things came to mind.

I fear failure.

I fear stepping out, making myself vulnerable, and falling on my face. I fear this failure will mean that I am a failure.

I fear rejection.

I fear that my writing won’t be good enough. I fear that people won’t read what I write and I won’ hold their interest. Subconsciously I compare too often and I see that what other people are doing this much better than I am.

I fear not representing God right.

I fear that in my failures and humanity, I won’t represent God well. I fear that I will make some mistake in how I bring God’s Word to others and cause them to stumble.

I sat down at my desk and looked over my list of fears about writing and I realized that these fears are rooted in my life. These fears did not affect my writing but also my ministry, family life, and friendships.

I have always struggled with these fears and I have allowed them to define me. When I have failed, it meant I was a failure. When people rejected me, it means I was worthless. When I misrepresented God in some way, it meant that I have let Him down and I was unworthy.

God is incredibly faithful and meets us where we are. He continues to work with me to pull these roots of fear from my heart.

He has shown me that failure is part of the process. It is not that I fail that matters but what is it I do when I fail. Do I sit in that failure, fall apart, and go into self pity mode or do I get up in His strength and keep moving?

He has shown me that rejection is a part of the journey. Jesus was rejected by family, people in his hometown, and the Jews. He knows rejection more than anyone. He has given us His example in how to deal with that rejection. He tells me that even though man may reject me, He has received me.

He has shown me how to learn from my mistakes. He wants me to step out in faith and He is faithful to correct me when I misunderstand scripture or He is faithful to bring others into my life I can learn from. He sees my heart and knows I want to represent Him well and He guides me by His spirit. Just like a loving Father, He corrects me so that I may correct anything I have misrepresented.

I don’t need to fear. We don’t need to fear. Fear is what keeps so many of us from doing what God has called us to do. We want to stay where it is safe.  What is fear keeping you from today? Ask Him to show you.

“The fear of man brings a snare, But he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.” Proverbs 29:25

Meet Desiree Taylor

My name is Desiree Taylor. I am a wife to a wonderful man, a mom to two boys Kyle and David. My heart is to share my life and heart in a transparent way to show you how my relationship with Jesus Christ has transformed me from the inside out. I pray my story and writing that you find at my blog;http://www.arenewedcreation.com, causes you to seek God more and draw closer to Him, in a way that brings transformation and freedom to your life.

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