Meet Our Newest Community Writer – Tanya

Tanya ongoing

Our Newest Community Writer is a pretty special lady to me.  Tanya was the very first person who asked me to write for her blog.  I met her almost a year ago when I had started my blog.  She was one of my first followers.   I have never met this beautiful person in person.  But I tell you what, she is one of the most faithful, committed, and dedicated friend.  In other words.  Tanya is true to her word.  She will do what she says she is going to do and I trust her.

Tanya and I have done two series together!  The first one we did was on Depression.  We both hosted this series and we worked together for months preparing, planning, organizing, and executing.   She is a great person to work with.  Our second series we did together for a few months was about Parenting.  She is a hard worker.

Tanya has also become a friend who will send me emails to check on me and see how I’m doing.  She has great words of wisdom and encourages me.   I thank God for this lovely lady and I know she will write what God puts on her heart.

Tanya is also the one who got me started on doing series.  I never imagined it until she suggested it.  She helped me work through fears, anxieties, and she has been very patient with me.

I’m pleased to introduce you to my friend.

My name is Tanya, better known as Mommy. I am a wife to a wonderful Christian man and mother to two wonderful and energetic children, who of course keep me on my toes.

I love cooking, singing, crafting, sewing, science (the simple stuff) being in nature and teaching. One of my new found interests is learning to play the piano. Someday soon I hope to be able to accompany my children as they sing for Jesus.

I blog at God’s Character, where I share about God’s love for us. I talk about everyday life where we see God’s character showing through. I also blog about home schooling, parenting and family life.

My greatest desire is the see Jesus face to face and be wrapped in His wonderful embrace as He welcomes me into eternity with Him. One of my favourite texts is John 1:27-28. It reminds me that nothing can separate me from my Saviour who holds me in His loving hands.

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