Meet Our Newest Writer – Lindsay Kay

Lindsay Family

Lindsay is one of our newest community mom writers.

I just adore Lindsay!   She is one of the nicest people I have met on Facebook and I felt an immediate connection. When Lindsay introduced herself, I quickly went to prayer and asked God for her to be a part of our community.   I’m so happy that she said yes.  I know you all will adore her too!!!

Hi there!

I am so excited to join this community of women!

I am mom to a spunky 2 year old girl and another on the way in September. My husband is my ultimate partner in life and is also a pastor. He’s quirky, adventurous, and makes me laugh every day.

I love my daschund Ella, rainstorms, and chocolate chip cookies. I have an amazing and supportive, big, meddlesome, crazy family. My mom, three sisters and I exchange texts on a thread throughout our day with encouragements, jokes, and silly pictures.

I feel most at home sitting indian style on the couch with my laptop (I’m a Mac girl) and a cup of coffee on a coaster beside me (I’m a coaster girl) banging away at my keyboard.

As a freelance beauty writer and blogger, I’d always kept my personal writing between the pages of my prayer journal.

Since becoming a stay at home mom last year, God began calling me to begin sharing my stories and experiences, and most of all, my heart for Him. You can check out my corner of the world at my blog—and I would love to connect with you on Facebook via the links below.

God has blessed me abundantly; He is always surprising me with new ways that He reveals HIS LOVE and HIS GRACE in my life and in the lives around me. I hope that the Holy Spirit will use my words to touch your heart, or whisper in your ear a challenge or encouragement that draws you closer to HIM.

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