Ideas For Moms Who Need More Energy To Parent


My eyes barely open and sitting on my chest is my little puppy wagging his tail to feed him.  My other two dogs jump up and down on my bed.  I hear cheerios bounce from the table to the floor as my seven year old fills his breakfast bowl. Standing in my bedroom doorway is my cute five year old daughter waiting for me to spend time with her. 

I love being greeted in the mornings with a house full of life and joy.  I remember the years of being single wishing I was married with children.

The thing is, I’m not a morning person and I need a cup of coffee before I’m ready to greet my family with excitement.

I love hugging my kids before breakfast and playing praise music throughout the house.

Our days go so much smoother when I spend the first hour of the day with God before my kids get up. 

It breaks my heart when I snap at my kids in the morning and I don’t greet them with a hug.  Kids want and need my full attention and they need it the minute they jump out of bed.

It’s hard to be the kind Mom I want to be when my needs are not being met.  I’m like an empty bucket when I don’t get enough sleep, spend time with God or drink a cup of coffee before 9:00 a.m.

When we don’t care of our needs we have nothing in us to give to others.

What are your needs?

Maybe you need an afternoon workout and shower?  Maybe you are creative and you need time to make something?  Maybe you enjoy a bowl of cereal and a fun show before you make dinner for your family?

Moms it’s o.k. to have needs and to do things that fill our buckets up. 

I’ve come to the realization that I must care for myself if I’m going to parent well.  The days I’m empty are the days that my kids act out the most. 


I have observed that I don’t handle conflict well when I’m tired, feel rushed, and my bucket is empty.

We have a yelling problem in our family when we get frustrated.  Especially my son and I.  I’m sad to admit this.  They learned it from me.

I yell when I’m feeling resentful, exhausted, lonely, anxious, and empty.

This is not how I want to live life.  I want to make a joyful noise and receive the beauty of life that God offers to me every day.

Moms let’s create a lifestyle with planned time to take care of ourselves.  We need to.  God created us to be in want so that He can fill us up. 

Are you parenting on empty?  What are some things you do that help you be strong and mighty?  Maybe you already have things you are doing.  Please share those with us too.  It might get all of us to thinking.

5 thoughts on “Ideas For Moms Who Need More Energy To Parent

  1. I hear you! I need that cup of coffee and some me time in the morning or else I may as well try to put water in a bucket with a hole in the bottom. Working out also really helps me feel a lot more energized as a parent. I do stroller strides, which is a program for parents to attend with their babies. It’s not me time, but it helps me feel like a person!

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  2. Lisa, this is so true! We all need to be filled up in Christ so that we can present Him to others. It’s so important to remember this because sometimes in the busyness of life we can forget to include the most important things and then wonder why we’re out of sync. None of us can fulfill our calling in our own strength. We need Him. You’re vulnerability today will bless many.

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  3. Thanks Brandy for coming by. It’s awesome that we serve a God who wants us to depend on Him. Thank you for blessing our community with your affirming comment. Love having you here!!!


  4. Amen, and amen!! Wonderfully worded, my friend! I am a reformed screamer myself, and I recall thinking, “I can’t get up any earlier…I’m already exhausted.” But the truth is, I NEED that quiet time, alone with my Lord before the kiddos are up. Once I started getting up before them, I found I actually wasn’t as tired. Funny how that works. Taking the time for refreshment made a huge difference for me. Excellent post!


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