Am I Listening to God?



by Janis Cox

While travelling with my hubby as few years ago for 10 days in Poland I did not take my computer – only an IPAD. Even with it there was not much time to login, check email and social media.

That was a good thing because I learned a little multimedia might be enough.

I listened to God. I prayed. We became sightseers for God. What did He want to show us?

People: We saw many people from all walks of life. Friendly, helpful people – angels that God led us to in times of trouble.

We saw a land of promise – beautiful farmlands, good infrastructure – excellent highways (although the signage confused us). We saw cities alive, colourful with many cultural centres, museums and music. Beautiful churches – stained glass (the real McCoy), old architecture, paintings from 1000 AD. History abounds in Europe.

But we also saw Western influence – McDonalds, KFC, multinationals; ads for sex, ads with sexual undertones; modern culture clashing with old.

My friend, a Polish pastor  works for International Messengers as a missionary. He sees the other side of Polish life – the alcoholics, the ones in trouble with the law, the poor – he sees the evil side of “western influence”.

His work is hard. He and his family live in a neat but small flat. They give – their hearts, their souls, and their time to help God’s people.

But it is discouraging for them for at least two reasons:

  • Many people think these new protestant evangelists are a cult and they do everything to discourage people seeking God through Jesus and the Bible.
  • The secular society pulls them away from the truth.

But the truth will set them free. The pastor tells them that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The pastors speak life into their dark lives.

Am I listening to God?

I ask Him – What do You want of me? I know I have been pulled away into the computer – sometimes good in terms of reaching people but have I been pulled away from God’s plan?

I know I need more time with :

  • God’s people
  • studying His Word
  • praying
  • writing
  • painting


So how do I stop and take time to listen to God?

Here is what I am hearing:

  • Slow down
  • Don’t do it all
  • Pick and choose
  • Let God lead
  • Rest


And PRAY –

  • for wisdom
  • for peace
  • for openings to spread His Word

2 thoughts on “Am I Listening to God?

  1. Wise words, Janis. I too, have been hearing God’s call to slow down and just listen. To stop the busyness and focus on the more important things. I have a terrible tendency to blaze ahead and not ask for His leading. Thank you for the reminder to heed His voice in this!

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