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Super Mom

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By Tanya

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Somehow when I got my first child I had the notion that I needed to be super mom. The house was sparkling clean. I did all of the house work, all of the cooking, didn’t miss a beat with my son.

Then I got so exhausted by it. But I still plodded along because I thought this is what I needed to do. No one told me that I needed to have everything in order. I absolutely have no idea where it came from. Maybe it came from those pictures that you see with perfectly put together mothers with 2 plus children in tow, all perfectly behaved.

But I will tell you all something: those images are FAKE! There is absolutely no such thing as super mom who does everything perfect and has perfect children!

When I got my daughter I soon realized this. Can you imagine that it took me 2 years?

I was too sick to manage the house properly. I was too tired for anything really. But because of how my life was at that time- sick, tired, uncertain- I soon realized that the most important thing was not trying to be super mom.

I realized that what I should be doing was being a mother to my children. That meant loving, nurturing, caring for, supporting and guiding them.

In my family I felt that the best was I should do this was to be at home with them and homeschool them. In other families, mothers will be doing this by working part time, working full time, working at home, being stay at home moms or any other thing.

The point is:

There is no such thing as a super mom, who does a particular job, fulfils particular duties.

You know what a real super mom is? A mom who is a mom.

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Meet Tanya

I blog at God’s Character, where I share about God’s love for us. I talk about everyday life where we see God’s character showing through. I also blog about home schooling, parenting and family life.

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