Praising God Through Morning Sickness by Shannon Mangicaro


By 5-6 weeks along I was already throwing up, feeling like crap most of the time, not able to keep my eyes open to read late at night (something I normally do), starving all the time, nauseous, bloated, etc. and guess what??  I loved it!

Ever since I lost the babies last year I cannot stand to hear someone complain about being pregnant or having the symptoms.  I know it’s very common to hear women complain about it and I know most would never mean to offend anyone by doing it, but think about it…

There are ladies who want so badly to have those nauseous feelings, that 24 hour “morning sickness”, because that would mean they are pregnant! After months or even years of trying, or after losing a baby, or maybe it has just always been their desire to be a mother but they have not yet met Mr. Right. The last thing those women want to hear is a pregnant women complaining about it!  It just sounds so ungrateful.

Mommies-to-be, we need to be THANKFUL for the morning sickness, not complaining about it!  Be joyful! And if you are one of the lucky ones that doesn’t get sick in pregnancy (then I am a bit jealous!) but be thankful for that!

When someone asks me how I am feeling I am honest and say not so great, BUT I always follow that by saying that having morning sickness is fine with me!  I am just happy to be pregnant and it is all worth it!  I am the first to admit that pregnancy is not easy, I have had a rough time but it’s all about the attitude toward it and the perspective that helps me get through the hard parts with a smile on my face.

Babies are a gift from God and these symptoms (even the rough ones) are just our bodies’ way to showing that there are MAJOR things happening inside us that is so awesome!

Yes, this is my 9th pregnancy, but I am still so amazed by the miracle of life that begins to form so immediately, and all the changes in our bodies that happen so early as a result.

Thank you, Lord, for this precious little one growing inside me. Please help him or her continue to grow bigger and stronger.  Thank you for all of these pregnancy symptoms I feel every day, it is a constant reminder of the wonderful work you are doing in me. I am beyond grateful for the privilege to carry this baby.

Meet Shannon

I am new to blogging and actually fought the idea of it, but back in January (about 2 months after my 2nd trimester loss) I felt God calling me to share my story in a way I couldn’t ignore, so I started my blog,, and here I am!  Connect with me through Facebook as well through my blog page!

3 thoughts on “Praising God Through Morning Sickness by Shannon Mangicaro

  1. Your reminder to be aware of what others may being going through shows sensitivity and kindness. Thank-you for sharing your story to encourage us to have grateful hearts no matter what we are going through. God is good!

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