My Son Is Growing Up To Be Like His Daddy


My seven year old son wants to be just like his Dad.   I’m so thankful that my husband is a great influence and I believe my son will grow up to be just like him.  More and more I’m realizing the importance of a father and son relationship.

We are going through a season right now where he respects his Dad’s authority more than mine.   He tests my limits, crosses boundaries and regresses to a toddler.   It’s pathetic watching a good looking, blue eyed, blond hair, tall seven year old whine like a baby.

I ask him to do something and he ignores me.  Daddy asks him to do the same thing and he does it like a big boy.   A son with confidence.

I can’t complain about this really.  My husband is the head of the household and it’s a good thing to see a boy respect his father.  When our son rebels towards me, my husband steps in and teaches him better ways to respond to me.

It’s amazing how great my son cooperates after he has spent one on one time with his Dad.

When my son was a toddler and preschooler he allowed me to be more of a voice in his head.   He was all about mommy.   He tested my husband more often and reacted in anger when his Daddy said no.

The two of them grew together through this time and made it past the terrible two’s and three’s.

My husband is a peacemaker and is full of grace.   These attributes don’t come easy to our son.  He is quick to anger and holds a grudge for long periods of time.   I think it’s cool how God put two exact opposites together under the same roof.

Our son is easily shaking and full of fears.  He doesn’t like to fail and so he won’t bother trying something new if it appears to be too hard.   His Daddy faces fear in the face and takes on challenges.  He is a problem solver.  My son is learning critical thinking skills from his Dad.

I believe every man has one question in life that must be answered and that is, do I have what it takes? 

My son doesn’t take me serious when I tell him he can do it.   His Dad spends time showing him how and he discovers within himself that he is capable.   I think it is a beautiful dance between the two.

art of parenting

I like to share adventure with my son through books and imagination play.  But Dad is the man to go to for adventure.   They like to break things, fix things, and blow up stuff.   Weapons, tools, and first aid kits are like purses and make up to girls.   And all these things are more fun when mom isn’t around.

When my husband and son went on their first Boy Scout trip together, I swear my son grew taller.  He didn’t of course.  He just stood like a young man ready to save the day for someone in need.  He was filled up with ambition and he was ready to pour himself out.

During their time camping they experienced climbing a slippery rocky mountain where they had to use a walking stick to pull each other up.   They witnessed a boy and a leader falling down a five foot water fall.  Paramedics took the two to the hospital.  One with a broken arm and the other needed stiches.

My son prayed for the whole troop before a meal.  Experienced Boy Scout ceremonies.  Learned about camping skills and came home talking non-stop about all the events.

My husband praised our son for his can do attitude, willingness to try new things, kindness towards others, and his ability to overcome challenges like a big boy.

Before they went camping, my son told me he was nervous about going.  He was worried about the unknown.   He had no idea what he was capable of doing and accomplishing until he was positioned in a new unfamiliar territory.

Our son was in his element with his Dad up in the mountains.  He has discovered his passion and that is to be in the outdoors, hiking, fishing, and hanging out by the campfire.

My son is just like his Dad.    And he learned that he does have what it takes be mighty and courageous.

As a mom I can affirm, encourage, and tell my son I believe in him.  But, it’s Dad that shows him strength, trains him to be aware, and leads him to bravery and gifts him with the rights of passage.

I pray for my son to know God, follow God, and love like God.   I desire for my son to grow up independent from me and completely dependent on God.    I want him to know that he has what it takes.   I long to see him rise above all of his fears and be the man who serves others with a pure heart.

Our son sees his Dad care for me and his sister.  He tries to imitate Dad.  It’s hard to be like Dad.  He has to learn control, patience, and self-discipline.    I tell him to be kind and to watch his words.  I discipline him when his anger gets the best of him.   This of course is all important.   However, a boy needs his Dad to show him how to train the dragon inside.

He is watching every move Dad makes.  Because he is going to be just like Dad when he grows up.

And this I’m very grateful for.

10 thoughts on “My Son Is Growing Up To Be Like His Daddy

  1. Lisa,
    I loved reading your comments about Justin and James. It reminded me of when James was around 7 and that time in his life when he started pulling away from me. It hurt my feelings, I thought I had done something wrong or had upset him somehow. But in time I realized it was just the next natural step in James’ growing up. From a mother who knows, there will always be a special place in Justin’s heart for you, no one can replace you. This begins the next chapter in your lives. Don’t be afraid to let go. You want Justin to grow into a man that is confident and believes all things are possible. Trust James and most importantly trust Gods plan.

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  2. This post reminds me of many precious times while my own sons were young. You are a wise mom to value the special relationship your son and husband enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. How exciting to hear Justin’s adventures! One day a boy, next day a man. Cherish each day and enjoy the changes as they grow. Changes physically, mentally, emotionally and most of all, spiritually. God’s plan are so much better than ours. When we are trying to figure it out, HE already has it planned out! Trust and acknowledge Him in all things and most of all, give Him Praise.

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    • So true Mimi – God’s plans are so much better than ours. It’s so awesome to know that I don’t have to be in control of everything and that I can watch and see what God is up to.


    • Thank you Janis!!! Yes prayers were answered and your wise words you shared on Facebook helped me a great deal. It is important to do things separately!! And the awesome part of it all is – when they came home and talked non-stop about their adventures. I loved seeing the joy in their eyes. I felt very much a part of their experience and it was neat to be on the receiving end of it.


  4. I love this! My son is only two and I’m just beginning to see some of his daddy’s characteristics. Thanks for sharing this post. Makes me excited to see how my son will be and will want to be just like his daddy!!!

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    • It’s so cute to see them follow Daddy around isn’t it!!! Toddlers make the cutest little helpers. And their sounds when they imitate their Daddy is unforgettable! Thanks Megan for coming by.


  5. What a beautiful example of how it should be done, Lisa. You’re blessed indeed to have a husband who takes this role seriously. It’s awesome to watch our boys imitate their fathers, and pretty soon, you’ll hear a deep voice and look up into the eyes of your little boy looking at you from the body and spirit of a man. It’s a humbling, joyous experience. Blessings, friend!

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