Meet Kelly Smith – New Community Writer!


I look so forward to writing with Kelly Smith.  Kelly has a heart for women and is passionate about sharing God’s unfailing love.   It’s awesome that we get to live life together with our new writer Kelly.   A life filled with encouragement. I get the sense that Kelly is someone that I personally would like to have as my very own accountability partner.  I think she would be honest with me.  I see wisdom in her words.  She is filled with real life stories that I can relate too.   I’m pretty sure that if I asked her for advice she would have great insight to share.  I’m confident that Kelly is going to share support and grace in her posts.  We are blessed to have another mature Christian on our team.

Let’s welcome our new friend!

I am a small town girl who married my small town man, David, 17 years ago.  We have three children.  I split my week between being a SAHM and an Occupational Therapist at our local hospital. My favorite indulgences are coffee, reading, writing, and running. I believe we are created for community and love to find ways to connect with other women, both online and in real life, who are walking in the shadow of the cross.

I have benefited from Titus 2 relationships through the years. God placed amazing women in my life to disciple me as my roles evolved. My middle school Sunday school teacher encouraged daily Bible reading. While in high school, a friend’s mom showed me what hospitality and a godly countenance looked like. In my 20’s, two precious women met with me regularly to help me figure out how to be a wife and then a mother. My mom and sister teach me how to enjoy my children as I watch them thrive at being a grandmommy and aunt.

I also have friends that walk beside me, sharing the load. There are four incredible women that have been close to my heart for over 20 years.They know the old me and the now me and have loved me through it all. There are a handful of godly women who have walked with me through different chapters in life. Just like a favorite book, we can always pick up where we left off. I also have sisters from another Mister who pray for me, as well as provide encouragement and a good dose of daily laughter. Finally, my online community of writers and friends constantly encourage and challenge me in my calling to write.

These relationships have been essential to my walk with Christ. I have benefited from their wisdom, support, encouragement, and admonishment. It is my desire–my ministry–to offer that same life-line to others. The Great Commission calls us to go and make disciples. My blog,, is my great commission effort.

I am so pleased to join the writers of Me Too Moments! This blog is all about community, the center of my own heartbeat. Here, we find sisters to walk beside in the hard times and the good times.  That’s what we all long for; someone to say, “me, too.”

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2 thoughts on “Meet Kelly Smith – New Community Writer!

  1. Welcome, Kelly! I must confess, I envy those of you who easily experience fellowship. Community has been on my heart for some time, yet is not easy for me at all! I suspect I will have much to learn from you. ☺️

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