Rachelle Alspaugh – New Writer on Board!!!


I look so forward to getting to know our newest Community Writer.  Real soon I will be publishing Rachelle’s story about adoption and I tell you what, you are all in for a wonderful surprise of a story.  I can’t say no more because her story says it all.  I’m inspired by her courage and she is brave.  She is a true example of someone who walks by faith and not sight.  Rachelle is an honest writer and she is an excellent story teller.  I enjoy her style of writing and I know you will too.  

Let’s welcome our newest Community Writer

Rachelle Alspaugh is a bilingual school teacher right outside of Dallas, Texas. She currently teaches four-year-olds and appreciates the contagious joy they bring to her life. She stays very active and maintains a full schedule while trying to keep up with her two teenage boys’ athletic schedules, while the whole family is quite active in weekly church activities. She is passionate about leading women’s Bible studies and guiding other women into a more intimate relationship with Christ. She is a very sincere, reflective writer who feels compelled to write about all the ways she sees God active in her life, whether it be through her two book series memoir, her poetry, her blog, or short stories that she shares with her local Christian writer’s group. She also loves to travel or go camping with her family whenever given the opportunity. She keeps in close communication with her adoptive son’s older brother from Colombia, though he still resides in South America and does not see them often.


Contact me at: ralspaug@verizon.net or ralspaug@gmail.com

Follow my personal/author blog: www.fromtheheartofrachelled.blogspot.com (My favorite posts: Do you have a war room? and The land of “What if”.

Follow my book blog: www.unexpectedtearsbook.blogspot.com

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