Small Actions And Words Can Have Big Impacts by Desiree Taylor

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It has been an emotionally and mentally long week in many different areas of life. My phone buzzed and I glanced over with hesitation, feeling as though I didn’t have one ounce of inspiration or energy to encourage anyone else that day.

What I saw was a friend reaching out. I saw a message that someone was thinking about me and wanted to know how I was.

That message said much more than what was written in words.

It said that my friend loved me, that I was on her heart and she cared.

That messaged communicated that God loves me, He sees me, and He knows what I need when I need it.

I am a natural communicator which seems really funny to me since I am deaf. I have learned that this is how God works.

Many times He places people on my heart. Sometimes it is to call, other times to text or email, and still other times I go back to the old fashioned way of doing things and I send a card or a letter.

I can’t tell you how many times people have responded in awe at the timing.

God uses us as vessels to show His love and care for others. The question is will we be available? Will we take the time to do this?

I am incredibly grateful my friend reached out that day. I was in a very dry place and needed to know that I was loved and that someone cared.

I pray that I am always willing to be that vessel to impact those who work around me.

Ask God today how He desires you to be His vessel today. Ask Him how He wants you to love others for Him today. You will be surprised at how the smallest intentional action can make a big impact.

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I love writing about marriage, parenting, and our every day walk with the Lord. Some of my favorites are listed below along with my testimony. I pray that God will bless you and speak to you through each word that is written.

5 thoughts on “Small Actions And Words Can Have Big Impacts by Desiree Taylor

  1. Sometimes I am so impressed with how much I have to do that I forget to watch for opportunities to bless others in Jesus’ name. Thanks for the reminder to seek Him for guidance and direction to reach out.

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    • Hi Wendy – I know what you mean – It is so important to slow down and pay attention to the needs of others. God wants us to feel a part of His goodness and He guides us to give. I love how you are always giving kind words of encouragement to others. Thank you for showing up everyday on Facebook and Blogworld. Your a real genuine person who shines God’s love.

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  2. Excellent reminder, Desiree, that it doesn’t take grand gestures or works to have an impact. Those small words of encouragement, the reminders that we do care, may be exactly what the recipient needs. May we all be mindful of the opportunities to reach out and bless others.

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