Get Out Of Your Bubble – By Community Writer Tanya


Recently I was talking to a teacher about an experience that they had. They shared with me how they had given out a homework assignment to write a composition entitled ‘My Mother”. As soon as the homework was given out a girl in the class started to cry. When the teacher asked her what was wrong she said that her mother was in the hospital because she had cancer. The teacher changed the topic to be extended to write about a close family member.

The point of that story is to show that we often don’t know what is going on in the lives of those we see every day. It has nothing to do with simply us not knowing but with us choosing to not seek to get close enough to people to find out.

We have our own problems going on. This is the lot of this life. We live in our bubbles, consumed by our own thoughts of how our lives are going. Sometimes people go unnoticed, or unspoken to because we are consumed in our own world.

I am extremely guilty of this. I am quite reserved and sometimes I spend a lot of time sitting in my bubble. But it is time for me to get out. It is time for us all to get out and reach out and get close to others.

We won’t know what people are going through if we don’t ask sometimes. We won’t be close enough to offer comfort, advice, a listening ear, or encouraging smile if we are shut away in our bubbles.

Let’s make a conscious effort in reaching out to someone, even if it means going outside of our normal sphere of working. We really don’t know what people are facing, and we also don’t know how much we might impact that person’s life.

To Connect With Our Friend Tanya

I blog at God’s Character, where I share about God’s love for us. I talk about everyday life where we see God’s character showing through. I also blog about home schooling, parenting and family life.

5 thoughts on “Get Out Of Your Bubble – By Community Writer Tanya

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  2. So true, Tanya. I too am reserved but I find that even us introverts can focus on getting involved in the lives of a few. If we all reached out and poured love into just a few people, think of the impact we could have for Christ, yes? Nice reminder!

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  3. This is so true, Tanya! I have always been more of an outgoing person. My family has recently moved out of state and I have become a stay-at-home mom. I’m having to find some creative ways to reach out to others. I’m focusing mainly on my neighbors right now. But, I’ve found that it’s so easy to fall into the trap of staying inside our ‘bubble’.

    This story is heartbreaking 😦 poor girl, I can’t imagine what she is going through.

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