Meet Our Newest Writer Megan


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It was a couple of months ago that Megan and I connected.  She started hanging out in our community reading and commenting on posts.  I had to go find out more about her and so I went over to her blog to visit.  I read a few of her posts and my heart melted.   Her words wowed me!!!

 Megan inspires me.  She has a servants heart and this can easily be seen in her posts.  She writes with passion and purpose.  Her messages are meaningful and powerful.

 I can hear her voice in every sentence she writes.  Her voice is filled with the Holy Spirit.  She is indeed a Beloved Child Of God.  She is definitely humble and ministers God’s love.

 I admire her heart and focus for her family.   She is a friend online that cares and she already fits in with our community.  

I knew she was the real deal when she messaged me one day on Facebook to let me know that she has been thinking about me and praying for me.  I just smiled, because deep down inside, I new that she is going to be a great friend to all of us.

Please meet our newest writer Megan.  We welcome you and thank you for saying yes.  Thank you for showing up and making yourself known.  You are priceless.


Please welcome our newest friend!!!




My name is Megan and I am super excited to join this group of amazing, talented, and godly women.

My husband and I have been married for almost 11 years now and we have two amazing kiddos. My daughter is 4 and my son just turned 3. We are a family who desires above all else to know Christ and make Him known!

My journey with the Lord began soon after graduating High School. During those first years after becoming a Christian, I struggled to understand and apprehend my new identity in Christ. This struggle led me through a dark season of bulimia. If you’re not familiar with bulimia – it is an eating disorder characterized by episodic binge eating which leads to feelings of guilt and shame and induced vomiting.

I felt trapped. Knowing that what I was doing was wrong but not knowing how to escape it. Wanting to be free, yet not wanting to let go of what I believed had previously defined me.

But thankfully, greater is He who is in me than anything that is in the world! His tender grace, love, and conviction pulled me out of that ugly pit.

This experience has given me a passion to inspire others to discover and walk in their identity in Christ. To walk and live as His child!

I love to write for this purpose. I blog over at As For My House  where I encourage others (especially young moms) to consider how they may simply and intentionally serve, love, glorify, and live for Him – and how they may influence their loved ones to do the same.

Here are links to a couple favorite posts along with my Facebook and Instagram pages. Hope you can stop by and follow along!

The Purpose of My Home

Beauty In Every Season




4 thoughts on “Meet Our Newest Writer Megan

  1. Thank you for such kind words, Lisa! I am honored to be a part of this community! I’ve been so encouraged by all the women here who passionately and boldly pour out their hearts for the Lord. I’m so excited to be a part!

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  2. Thank you for being real, sincere, and honest with your story. God is going to use your story to minister to others. The lovely thing is, you understand brokenness and you know how powerful and loving our God is.

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