Meet Our Newest Writer Jenn Buell

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I’m pleased to introduce you to our newest community writer.  I look forward to getting to know Jenn Buell and reading her stories.  I see Jenn as a strong person in Christ.  Solid in her faith.  She shows a heart of passion for others and God.  We are blessed to have Jenn in our community.  


Please Welcome Our New Friend

Hey there. I’m Jenn Buell. I wear a variety of hats including being a speaker, blogger, and widowed mom of four, raising my minions in the beautiful Black Hills of South, Dakota. I’m also a radio DJ at a regional Christian station that reaches a 5-state area.

I’m passionate about my faith in Jesus. God’s amazing faithfulness is the foundation that helps me keep moving forward each day. I love encouraging others with stories of faith that relate to real life. And I enjoy hearing stories of others and the amazing ways God has worked in individual lives.

I believe God loves stories. The Bible is filled with stories of imperfect people loved and used by a gracious and faithful God. Stories have the ability to empower us with truth, connect us, encourage us in tough times, and point us to the God who promises us his love. I will forever write and speak the fantastic stories of all God has done in my life.

Connect with Jenn


Twitter – @jenn_buell

Instagram – vividjenn

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