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cropped-food-issues-post.jpgToday we receive support from our Mentor Mom Janis and our Home School Mom Cristina.  Our friend Tanya brings to us a struggle that many of us can relate to.   I appreciate the Godly Counsel  that is shared here and I believe you will to.   


I am struggling with getting some motivation for organizing home life. There are a lot of things that I have going on right now. I have a schedule that I think is fantastic. But I just can’t seem to get a groove going. I think it is residual tiredness from burning the candle at both ends for so long. And unfortunately home organization is suffering. And this is starting to spill over into all things- homeschooling, blogging, friendships. How do I go from having a fantastic plan for home management to actually getting it going?

 from Tanya  God’s Character




Dear Friend,

I think, from time to time, we all experience what you are going through. We start a task only to turn around and find five more waiting for us. Staying motivated can be a struggle. To conquer this area of my own life, I’ve discovered a few tips for keeping things moving in a positive direction.Confident

Write things down. Then, prioritize my list according to importance; crossing off to-dos which could be put off for a better time.

  1. Look for the “Big Three”. What three things must I do today in order to meet my family’s needs? Ask the husband which three are most important to him (we might be surprised what’s on his list). If those three get done, we’re doing great!
  2. Reorient our thinking. I know this sounds contrite, but it’s so true! When we stop looking at home life as a chore and start looking at it as a ministry to our family, it changes how we prioritize our day and choose to focus our attentions.



If we had a group of homeschooling friends over for an event, were hosting a Christmas party, or were trying to impress Beautiful Homes, I guarantee you my house would be sparking clean without a pillow out of place. How sad that I give those opportunities more focus than daily service to my own family. When I choose to look at housework as an opportunity to serve those I love, motivation clicks into place. My heart and head are in the game, and my family receives the blessing.

Hooray for Housework!

Cristina  A Homeschool Mom



First of all I would respond with the word – BREATHE. When we take a step back from our situation, ask God for direction and help, thank Him for all that is happening – then we can see clearly.


At one point in my life, I tried to become super-mom. I worked as a full-time teacher; I helped my husband in our newly started company; we had three children ages 14, 12 and 8. We had those children in three schools – high school, junior high and elementary. Trying to keep track of all their goings-on – including extra curricular – swim teams, piano, and taking them to friends homes required more than I could handle. I actually burned out. My body was a mess and I needed therapy for shoulders, back, knees and had TMJ as well.


Gradually I came to learn that all of that was too much. Something had to give. I went to half-time teaching and things improved. I had time to see to my children’s welfare, my husband’s and my own.
However, the best thing that happened was reclaiming my faith. When Jesus and I reconnected (He never left), I had more energy, more time to think clearly. I could take on more initiatives and not burn out. He always comes through.


I don’t know how God does this. Somehow when we give Him our “first fruits”, whether it is time or money, we get it back abundantly. The more time I gave to God, the more time I had to do what I needed to do.
 My initial problem seemed to be the question: In all of this how do I find time for God? A friend suggested I ask God to wake me up in the morning before others were awake. I did that and God woke me up – wide awake, not tired and ready to read His Word. His Word started to speak to me. It changed me from a frustrated, angry, edgy woman to a relaxed, happy and sweet person. It didn’t happen all at once. But each day that I gave my “first fruits” to God, He gave me the time to do whatever else needed to be done.
light shine
What I needed to get into my thick skull was that God is in charge and not me. As soon as I could do that, I finally relaxed in my life. I put Him first, then my family and me. It all worked to the glory of God and the happiness of my family.

2 thoughts on “Moms Encouraging Moms With Home Management

  1. Such helpful and God honoring answers! Thank-you for sharing wisdom from the Lord about managing our homes well in such loving ways.


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