Five Ways to Learn to be an Effective Messenger for Jesus?


 How to be an effective Messenger for Christ

by Janis Cox


We know when we give our lives to Christ that we are to change. But how do we change?

First I think we realize that in order to glorify God we have to stop thinking about ourselves. That’s always the toughest one for me. To give of myself for others; not expecting gratitude; just doing things with a servant heart.

Next I think we need to follow Jesus so completely that we understand Him more and more. As we read His Word, we understand; we grow and change inside.

And last we need to spread the Good News. We need to be a Messenger of Jesus.


How can I be an effective messenger for Jesus?


Here are 5 ways I think that I have become a more effective messenger for Jesus:

  1. Join a Bible Study:

I join in Bible studies whenever possible. By doing a Bible study I always learn more about me and my relationship with Jesus. I gain valuable lessons listening to others and their thoughts and ideas. I also contribute my ideas and questions. And I listen to God when we pray.

  1. Attend church:

I attend church on a regular basis. When I worship with others I build my spirit. Singing His praises raises my appreciation for all He has done for me. Listening to the Pastor’s words helps clarify my thinking towards the spiritual.

  1. Go on a Mission Trip:

I took a leap of faith and joined a mission. I worked with International Messengers. Every time I went (5 times) it stretched me a little further in my faith and my growing up the way God wants me to be.

  1. Write your Thoughts:

I write. I journal as much as possible by writing my thoughts about Bible passages and non-fictional Christian books. (I love Oswald Chambers.) And I blog my thoughts on my website Growing Through God’s Word. I also have started to paint what I learn from His Word and have a group called Word of God Speak. Feel free to join me.

  1. Watch and Pay Attention:

I watch for opportunities to serve. However and wherever God wants me to serve I want to be able to do so. I don’t want to miss His opening to grow me a little more.


Are you working on being an effective Messenger for Jesus?


These are only 5 ways of becoming an effective Messenger for Jesus. What other ways can you think of?



4 thoughts on “Five Ways to Learn to be an Effective Messenger for Jesus?

  1. Sound, wise counsel, Janis! All of your suggestions are helpful in order for us to live intentionally as members of Christ’s body to share the good news of Him!


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