I believe education belongs in the hands of parents.  


Following is my list of why homeschooling is a wonderful experience!

My seven year old and five year old get to play together!  They run free and wild in dress up clothes fighting battles.  Brave and adventurous they travel to unknown places that only their big imaginations can see.   Childhood only lasts for a short time.  I don’t want to let anything get in the way of letting them be their playful selves.

my loves


Unlimited exercise is available at all times.  With a huge trampoline my two little monkeys can jump as long as they want to.  Children were created to move, shout, dance, sing, and be silly.  They need to jump, fall, roll, and crawl.  They read and write better after some time running around.  We all do.


We take field trips to the Children’s Museum. 

Kaylee and Bubbles

My kids explore, experiment, and create without interruptions.  At such a little age they are already learning to be innovators.  The ability to create, engineer, and invent is in all of us.  I don’t want this part of my kids design to go numb.   It will if there aren’t enough opportunities to let them flow in a stimulating environment that is filled with challenges.Justin Waterplay.jpg


Nothing is better for the mind then sunshine and fresh air.  Kids are natural Scientists.   Watch them observe, experiment, and discover.  Constantly they are coming up with their own conclusions.   Ask them the right open ended questions and their wonders become knowledge.  Nature is an open lab for full time Scientists.outdoor experiment

kids in the sand



My seven year old boy is fascinated with rules, laws and government.   On a regular basis he asks me to teach him about the Presidents.   He doesn’t just want to know about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  He is curious about the second and third one.   He looks forward to voting.

Solving math problems comes so much easier to young minds after taking a bath.  Warm water is soothing and relaxing.  A bath releases stress and clears the mind for better thinking.  They take a bath whenever they feel like it.

My kids get one on one attention with their education.  Working individually with them helps provide the support they need to develop their life long skills.  My kids appreciate having me there when they get stuck.  I provide material that keeps their attention and doesn’t overwhelm them.  They go at their own speed and it’s wonderful that I don’t have to put any unnecessary pressure on them.

Kids learn differently.  There isn’t a common curriculum that fits all.  The core of our being is to be known for who we are and to be set apart for our purpose.  We all come with our own gifts and talents.

My son listens and remembers every detail of a show or book.  He likes History.  He is interested in learning about Pioneers.coonskin hat He enjoys reading about the Wright Brothers.  Science is his favorite subject.  Volcanoes fascinate him and he thinks animals are exciting.


My five year old daughter learns best with pencil and notebook.  She copies letters and words.  Puzzles, counting, and drawing are her favorite things.

Observing how my kids learn has helped me to make good decisions on how to teach.  My son is a great listener and he can’t stand it if there is too much noise. He needs a calm and quiet environment in order for him to concentrate.

My daughter is a hands on independent learner.  She likes to pretend that she is working in an office or an artist creating in an art studio.  She does her best work with music on.

kaylee Buffolo

I don’t have to follow a set time.  My son is not a morning person.  To ask him to do school work before 10:00 is not a good idea.  After 2:00 he is done with academic learning.  My daughter is a morning person and late afternoon person.  She needs several breaks throughout the day between lessons.



My husband works from home and this is the topping on the ice-cream.  Every day the kids run to their Daddies office to tell him what they learned or what task they successfully accomplished.  If they are frustrated they have a Daddy who is an excellent role model that redirects them.

James and kids

I can’t imagine our family doing anything else except homeschooling.

I love the hugs, smiles, and snuggles all day from my little joys.  They are only with me for a short amount of time before they leave the nest.



What do you enjoy the most about homeschooling?

2 thoughts on “HOMESCHOOLING IS AWESOME And That Is Why I Do What I Do!

  1. Lisa,
    Your post brings back many sweet memories of my golden years of homeschooling. Those times were exhausting, overwhelming… and deeply satisfying. May you continue to enjoy your beautiful children as you grow in wisdom and knowledge along with them. Blessings on your homeschool journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Wendy! I feel God touch me gently on the shoulders to calm me down from time to time. He reminds me often to slow down and enjoy. I am living my dream and God’s calling.

    Liked by 1 person

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