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For a long time my thoughts on for a new year where “I will lose X amount of weight this year” or starting a new diet, etc.  But for the past few years I’ve viewed the new year differently, not so much about making resolutions, instead about having a fresh outlook on life.  Thinking on things I want to change in daily life, improve, or start, etc.


Those who know me well know I have a bit of a book obsession, so getting new books and/or making my book list for the new year is something I really enjoy. (yes, I said book list, as in I write lists of the books I want to read as well as the books I finish, I may be a nerd, haha!) I also usually get my girls (the ones old enough to read) new devotionals for the new year as well.

new year books

As part of my christmas gift this year I wanted some books and a new journal, there were several books I had seen recommended various places that I thought would make good “new years” books, like about topics I would like to work on or be more intentional about in life.  Plus, I usually start a new devotional or bible study in January as well.


This past year I have read 60+ books, about 35 were novels (fiction, I enjoy reading these on my kindle at night before falling asleep) and the rest were non-fiction, devotional or bible study books, which I read mostly in the morning’s during “my time”.


My morning routine is something I started around the new year last year and have continued with it all year, it’s fairly simple and I don’t need to get up super early to do it (a perk of homeschooling-not having to get up early or in a rush to get the kids out the door!)  Most mornings I take about a half hour or so to slowly wake up with a little bit of coffee and read from whatever devotional/bible study and/or non-fiction book I am reading at the time.  Then I usually do (Mon.-Fri.) 20-30 min of some type of exercise, I alternate between elliptical, pilates, and upper body.


Of course, in late April when the baby arrives I’m sure my mornings will be changing quite a bit (which will be totally worth it!!) but for now I so enjoy my morning time and I can see what a difference it can make in my day.

If you don’t have any time carved out in your day for daily devotions, bible studies, etc. I would highly encourage trying to set aside a specific time each day, it doesn’t have to be morning.  Having some kind of plan helps you be international about it and will eventually become a habit.  I learn so much from what I read and I am glad I have been able to find ways to fit a lot of reading into my life even as a busy mom with a lot of kids.


Does anyone have any books they are looking forward to reading this year??  (Can you tell I like pictures of stacks of books!)

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4 thoughts on “Good Books For Busy Moms! By Shannon Mangicaro

  1. From one book lover to another… happy reading! I enjoyed seeing your stacks of books. Reading has been a huge part of my life and it was lovely to see how you fit time for books into your busy schedule.


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