An Important Lesson From A Penguin Who Wanted To Fly, By Megan

Her bedtime ritual has become quite treasured. Each night she chooses the book we will read together before lights go out and the dreams begin dancing in her head.

This night she had chosen a book about a penguin who wanted to fly.

The poor little penguin! Try as he may, he just couldn’t get his wings to lift his feet off the ground. Then the snow plane that he made melted in the afternoon sun, and the balloon he inflated to carry him into the sky popped, sending him crashing to the ground. Then finally, his polar bear friend pushed him down an ice slide, launching him into the sea.

It was there the little penguin realized that he couldn’t fly, but that was ok – because he could swim. He could swim very well!

Daughter: “Mom, why couldn’t the penguin fly?”
Me: “Because God created penguins to swim!”
Daughter: “Oh. Well what did God create me to do?”

Precious Lord, give me the words …

Me: “God created you so that He could love you – and that you can love Him back!”
Daughter: I see a spark light in her eye as she quickly turns to look at me “Oh yea! I knew that!”
Me: “Isn’t that amazing that God loves us so much that He would create us just to love us?!?”
Daughter: nods her head in agreement

In these days of early motherhood, it can become so easy for us mamas to fall into the pit of thinking that our lives have become depleted of meaning – reduced to the monotony of the daily rhetoric.

There are the piles of dishes and laundry to be cleaned. There are heaps of dress up clothes and Duplo Blocks to be picked up. There are dirty noses and dirty bottoms to be wiped.

And OH, the sibling rivalry!!!!

The surrender is incessant.

The self-sacrifice is perpetual.

We give of ourselves in ways that we think nobody sees or understands – we feel our efforts are invisible.

I don’t know about you, but there are times that I find myself longing for more.

I long to be used in a way that brings a higher sense of purpose and makes a greater impact for His Kingdom and glory!

That night after our story time was over; I was lying in bed and sensed the Lord whisper a gentle encouragement into my mind.

“Good job, My daughter! Way to embrace the most precious, present purpose I have for you.”

When we get to heaven, I think we will be surprised by the works that were truly significant in impacting His kingdom.

Serving food at a homeless shelter may not have been as significant as inviting that widow into your home to share a meal with your family.

Preaching the gospel to 100’s of people may not have been as significant as praying with your neighbor across the street.

My carnal ideas of the “higher callings” and the “greater ministries” may not have been as significant as reading my daughter a book about a penguin who wanted to fly.


The moments I need to search for and need to be embracing are those that give me the opportunity to glorify our Father in the hearts and minds of my precious children.

This is my higher calling and my greater ministry!

This is a purpose I must not minimize. This is a purpose I must live each day for.

This is a purpose that is not invisible – but obvious, evident, and well-pleasing to my God who sees and knows all my efforts to minister to my children.

My encouragement to you (and to myself), dear mama, is to embrace the craziness! Look for the opportunities gleaming through the chaos. Look for the moments to expand their understanding of His character. Find your purpose in those simple moments of serving – knowing that those who are truly great in His kingdom are those who have learned to be a humble servant.

Pray for me and please know that as I write this, I am saying a prayer for you as well!


Megan is a wife and mother, a chocolate lover, a guitar player, and a daughter of our heavenly Father. One of her greatest passions is growing in her knowledge of our Lord and inspiring other to do the same. Come check out some of her other posts on her blog, As For My House.

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4 thoughts on “An Important Lesson From A Penguin Who Wanted To Fly, By Megan

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  2. “The opportunity to glorify our Father in the hearts and minds of my precious children.” Amen. A blessed ministry, indeed. This is a beautiful, true message, Megan. Thank-you!

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