Make Math Fun For Children By Lisa Brown


Math doesn’t have to be complicated.   Just add or subtract two numbers and write the answer down. First and second graders have a short attention span. God gave us fingers and toes for counting.   I still use mine from time to time.

They need to spend more time jumping around and playing.  

Making kids sit and do long drawn out math problems is ridiculous.   I’m not a fan of Common Core Standards in the school system today.  If you don’t know what Common Core Math Standards are, then Google it.  And while you are online check out what angry parents are saying about it.

You might want to grab a cup of coffee because you will be there awhile.

Little school age kids don’t just add two numbers together anymore.  

Ever wonder why kids break their pencils while doing math or have to all of sudden go to the bathroom again?

They are bored.  

Testing kids in math serves a purpose to a point.  But ultimately it doesn’t show that they know how to use math in a practical way.    I think there are better ways to test first and second graders.

Take them shopping.  Have them price items.  Bring real money and let them pay.  

I Was So Upset.  We were doing homeschooling online with the Public School.  I know first hand how silly my first grade son’s math was.   We were using Common Core Standards.

We have stopped online public school because Common Core Math doesn’t make sense.

I got sick and tired of online teachers caring more about my kids test scores then meeting them where they were at developmentally.  Our family stressed out because we didn’t fit in with the schools expectations.

And as a Homeschooling mom,  online school didn’t meet my expectations either.

Our days have gone from frustration to joy.  I have changed the way I do math.


My Kindergartner and First Grader like math now.  And this is why.

Kaylee opened up a jewelry store in her room.   She made price tags. Sold jewelry to her brother and I.  We used real money!!!



Jewelry sale


Justin opened up a bookstore.

Justin Book sale

Math doesn’t have to be stressful for kids.

I been reading quit a bit about Common Core Standards in America and I’m sick over it.  As a homeschooling mom, Common Core may affect us.  If our state decides to make all mandatory tests Common Core we may not do so well.   It’s not that kids will not know how to figure out math problems the simple way – they will be asked to write out formulas that are not necessary.  It doesn’t seem to matter anymore if kids have the right answer or not.   They are expected to know formula.    Weird!

When we go shopping or to the bank do we sit down and write out a formula before we buy something.  I think not.

Following is a video from a student who talks about her experience with tests.  My heart breaks.  Why is this happening?

I want to know what we can do to make Common Core go away.  I will keep you all posted as I unravel the puzzle.  Please share what you know.  Let’s link together and see what we can do to keep our homeschooling kids free from this.   Help me educate others on this topic.  Parents in public schools are fighting against this too.    Share your thoughts and concerns.




4 thoughts on “Make Math Fun For Children By Lisa Brown

  1. This is super helpful! Im starting homeschool next year with my daughter and ive been going back and forth as to whether I want to do a charter type school, or just do it myself. I have a great support system of other homeschool moms where I live and in my church, so Ive picked our curriculum and am going to do it myself.

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  2. Hi Megan – That is awesome that you have a support system in your Community. It’s great to be able to encourage one another. How fun it is to pick our own curriculum isn’t it. Enjoy. The best part about all of this is that we get to spend more time with our kids and love on them!!


  3. Wonderful Lisa! Learning is a lifestyle. It should be fun and engaging. What a blessing to your kids to be free from stress and learn in real ways! I am so grateful for homeschooling. Great post!

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