Emotional Rollercoaster By Lisa Brown


Oh darn I did it again.  

It’s in the moment of pure exhaustion when I can’t think straight that I respond by yelling.

I raised my voice again in frustration.

It’s something I do when I feel like no one hears me.

Why did I get so upset?

 I’m daily fighting for a better way to handle my up and down emotions.

Our feelings matter and should not be minimized.  God desires for us to take every thought captive and bring it to Him.

Recently I published a post over at Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide.   I talk about getting a better handle on our emotions.  I’m a piece of work in progress.  Please don’t feel like you are the only one who gets upset over spilled milk. If you are struggling with getting a grip on your emotions then please come and read my post.   Managing Emotions As A Mom

One thought on “Emotional Rollercoaster By Lisa Brown

  1. Yes! He tells us to think in whatsoever things are pure and just, basically the ‘right’ things🤔
    So hard to keep it all in check most days😰 I suppose that is why He gave us a GUIDE BOOK🤓🙆🏼🙂❤️🎈
    Great reminder 😉 Thanks

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