There Is Always Hope – Share Your Story



Barb was bullied as a child and teenager, and sexually abused shortly after graduating from High School.  She turned to drugs, alcohol and an eating disorder to deal with her pain and shame.  It took her 33 years before she shared her story about the bullying.

Today Barb is kicking the devil in the butt.  Because of her past she has a heart filled with compassion and mercy for others.   I’m so proud of her.   God is working through her to set the captives free.

Barb started a ministry several years ago called Cans For Hope.

“Cans For Hope is committed to restoring lost identities and repairing broken lives by addressing the root causes of a very real form of “identity theft”  that has plagued many generations of young people.  

We raise funds for direct support of survivors of sexual violence, while providing education, advocacy, and support to end sexual crimes of all kinds.”  Barb

Barb is an overcomer.

Her story helps us remember that we do not have to let our past hold us back.  We are all special in God’s eyes and our past does not define us.

Barb’s message to all,

“The bigger the mess, the more powerful the message.”

And the message to survivors, regardless of circumstance, 

is that there is always hope.” 


If you have a story about overcoming please check out our video at the end of this post.  Send your story idea to me  and I will give you the details.   We are doing a blog series this summer.

Also please check out Cans For Hope  –

Facebook page


Video for Blogging Series

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