Find Out More About The Groovy Mama’s Couch


Groovy Mama’s Couch is a blog!!!!  Yes I’m promoting a blog.  Because my friend Rebeca Jones has an excellent blog.  It’s not just any blog.  It’s an awesome blog.  If you haven’t met her yet – well my friends it is time.  She will support you, encourage you, lift you up in prayer, make you laugh and cry all at the same time.


She is inspirational and super fun!!!  I believe in what she is doing and I support her 100%

Will You Join Us?

I’m going to let my friend introduce herself to you and share information about her blog.

Hello!  I’m Rebeca Jones, a mama of four, homeschooler, sci-fi nerd, and daughter of the Creator of the universe.  I’ve been blogging fairly regularly for about 4 years and felt an urging last summer to start a new blog, specifically to minister to other mamas.  I envisioned a place that was welcoming and whimsical, light and refreshing, a place where we women can share our experiences, encouragement, and even our differences under the unity of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, Groovy Mama’s Couch was born and the vision has morphed to include a team of godly men and women (including Lisa Brown) who are on board to help me by writing articles and answering readers’ questions.  One day a week we highlight a Q&A, with myself and one other writer answering a question.

Here’s where I need help.  The blog is new, and as such has little regular traffic.  Until our community builds a bit more and becomes self-sustaining, I could really use some questions for our Q&A.

What parenting questions do you have that you think others might be wondering too?  What questions have you had in the past? What questions do other mamas ask you?

Anything you give me would be so appreciated!  We also could use some experienced mamas willing to interact in the comments on the blog and on the Facebook page if anyone feels led in that direction.  The blog is at and the facebook page is at  Any feedback is welcome!

Following are some of her awesome posts!!

Bed In The Summer

How To Get Kids To Help Without Being Asked





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