Daily Devotions by Lisa Brown – Want Change?


I cry out to God to change my circumstances and help me make some sense out of my messes.  I know He can and I know He has.  He is a faithful God who will advise.

God is always available to hear our concerns.  He is a God of comfort and freedom happens when we tell Him everything.  Through words we surrender and show that we trust Him.  This all helps!  But does it change our life?   I don’t think it does.  Or at least it doesn’t for me.

Change happens in my life when I stop talking to God and pay attention to His advice instead.

“The Lord is in His holy Temple.  All the earth—be quiet in His presence.”  Habakkuk 2:20 (ISV)

Our God sits in His holy Temple ready to – Please visit my new blog to read rest Want Change?


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