What Is The Most Important Question For A Mom To Ask Herself?




It’s been hard for me to rest as a parent. My mind is constantly distracted with questions about my parenting decisions. I worry that I will fail my children.

These Are The Questions That Constantly Run Through My Mind.

Was I too harsh on my kids today?

Am I feeding them the right amount of protein?

Should I let them watch that show?

Will my kids be safe?

Will I have enough money to pay for their college education?

Am I spending enough time with them?

Will they do well in school?

Am I a good Mom?

There is nothing wrong with asking ourselves these things. But when these questions come from a place of fear and doubt it can drain the life out of us. It’s exhausting to worry. I have a hard time managing my emotions when my thoughts are full of anxious thoughts.

Will my kids get killed?

Will my kids hate me for life?

Following is the most important question for us to ask ourselves………………

To find out what the most important question is – please hop on over to Rebeca Jones blog for the rest of my post!!!

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