Helping Kids With Their Frustration – Homeschooling Strategy by Lisa Brown



We want our kids to grow in their academic skills.   It’s exciting to mark off a finished lesson.  Both parent and child enjoy finishing a work book or an assignment.  It feels good to successfully complete a project.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It’s our job to set goals for our kids and to expect them to finish the tasks that we put in front of them.   This is life.  This is how we prepare them for the real world of work.  We want them to succeed in College.   But sometimes we might take our expectations a little too far.  I did unfortunately.

When my kids needed a break and exercise I made them work overtime until they finished their work.   I got frustrated with them when they got frustrated with their work.  I ignored their tears in fear that if I give them a break they will be quitters.

I made a huge turn around in my approach when my son started having anger issues and hating school.  I couldn’t take the constant battles I was having with him over unfinished work.

I had no peace and I wanted to quit.

I reached a point where I took a break for a few days from teaching and I prayed.  I begged God to show me what was wrong with my son.  To my surprise God let me know very clearly that I was the problem.   I was the cause of my son’s frustration.

God helped me to see that I needed to follow my son’s lead.  Some concepts don’t come easy to my son or daughter and I need to allow more time for them to develop in those areas.   Soon checking off what lessons they did became less of an issue for me. Instead I started to focus on creating more time in my lesson plan book for them to grow in knowledge and understanding.

I have become my kid’s Cheerleader instead of their drill Sargent.   I don’t set a final date that my kids must have a curriculum finished by.    I’ve slowed down and the frustration level in our whole family has gone down quite a bit.

You see we can’t make our kids learn objectives in our timing.  They are not robots.  We can rest in peace that our children will develop all the skills they need in their own perfect timing.   That’s why homeschooling is so awesome.

We must remember that God has created our kids and they each come with their own set of gifts and talents.  I’ve decided to help my kids discover who they are in Christ and to encourage them to grow in their interests and desires.  I can rest because God has a plan for them and He knows their future.  He knew what topics in school would be hard for them or not.

Difficulty in school is not going to change God’s plan for our kids.

I’m not shaken if my kids struggle with certain subjects.   I’ve turned my focus to what they are good at.  I want them to thrive in the areas that fill them with joy.  And yes we still work on the hard stuff.

My two kids are much happier now and so am I!!!!


3 thoughts on “Helping Kids With Their Frustration – Homeschooling Strategy by Lisa Brown

  1. This is indeed one of the many beauties of homeschooling, learning at their own pace, in a way that is relaxed and enjoyable for all. What a blessing that you have been led in this direction early on…it took me far too long to ‘get’ this! 🙂

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  2. I can definitely relate! Homeschooling my 2 youngest has stretched me. Having to learn new ways to adapt lessons to their special needs has been a challenge. It goes so much better when I go about it by focusing on their abilities instead of their struggles. (Sometimes that’s easier said than done.)

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