Little Artist Free To Create Whatever


Lots of material, glue, and no instructions.  What will you do?  You are on your own and you can only use the material on this table to create.  Maybe overwhelming at first.  But give it some time and find that there is no stopping. That’s an Artists Heart!  I wish I could live in this place more often.  Slow down I keep telling myself and discover art. This is what I desire for myself, my six year old boy and four year old girl.  Slow down.

DSC05828 DSC05830 DSC05826 DSC05827     DSC05824 DSC05837 DSC05836 DSC05835   DSC05832

Take a stroll through a craft store, thrift store, drug store, grocery store, and collect little treasures that you can set out on creative art days.  No plan in mind – just love what you buy and later you will know that you had a great find.

Look now and see what do the Artists do?  Let the pictures speak to you and maybe you will find yourself creating too.

DSC05846  DSC05848


Kaylee uses her creative art as a kitchen table center piece.

Justin took spider stickers and stuck them on wood and when you flip the wood over you will find owls.

Now its Momma’s turn to play around and see what comes about when I glue this and that together.  Sometimes I don’t know what I’m making until I think I’m done.  Anybody else been there and done that?

Take a look at what I made.

Paper clips to put on pretty paper and write a note to someone you love!

Little round wood with leaves and pumpkins could be used in so many ways. A paper weight, a name holder for seating arrangements at a family gathering.

An owl on a stick to put in a planter.  My son made some and called them his puppets.

DSC05843   DSC05842


What would you do with these creations?  What would you make with the presented material?

2 thoughts on “Little Artist Free To Create Whatever

  1. What a great idea!! I always have a “plan” for our craft times, but I think this would be great for my daughter to do, to see what her little mind wants to create!


    • It’s nice to keep a supply shelf of creative stuff so that on the days when you didn’t get to plan or prepare, you can just pull out things to create with.


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