Taking myself off of autopilot.

My Cup of OJ


Being face to face with the ocean this weekend, reminded me of one of my greatest fears. I verbalized it once many years ago, and gradually grew to ignore it. Apparently it is easier to continue living life in auto pilot, rather than stopping to address and revisit our inner most desires.

I don’t want to be just another grain of salt in the salt shaker. I want to be more than a drop of water in the ocean.

In other words, I don’t want my life on earth to be a span of time that becomes irrelevant once I’ve passed. I want to have an impact on those around me.
How will my family remember me? Will my great-great grandchildren know my name? What will be my legacy to my family?

How I invest my time now will determine the execution of this desire. Greatness lies within each of…

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