Why Are Food Addictions Hard To Break? Because – Something Has To Change On The Inside Of Us First

After my Doctors appointment my world turned upside down. No more sugar, dairy, breads, pasta, rice, pork, caffeine, and nuts (except almonds). This means no more fruit, chocolate, cookies, ice-cream, milk and honey nut cheerios. No more coffee.   No more cheese or pizza.

Why such a strict diet you probably are asking. (And I hate the word diet).

Well, I have an over growth of yeast in my gut. This is causing toxins to spread throughout my body making me sick and leaving horrible itchy rashes on my body. And I’m over weight.

One of the biggest reasons I cannot eat sugar is because yeast loves sugar and I am on this diet to starve the yeast.

Some of my symptoms from this sickness called Candida have been migraine headaches, irritability, tiredness, acid reflux and depression. Feeling sick all the time has made life as a parent, homemaker, and writer very difficult.

There are moments that I’m angry and feel sorry for myself. My old food addictions call out to me often. Each time I have a choice. Do I serve my flesh unhealthy food or do I take care of myself so that I have the energy to serve God?   I can’t do both.

I’m a selfish human being who wants things my way and because of this I fail to care for my body.

Why is food addiction so hard to break?

I don’t know.

I do know.

Something inside of me needs to change.

First step – I have decided to stop looking at my problem with food and focus on what God has to say. I have had enough of myself. I want more of Jesus.

I invite you to join me.

Come meet me here on Mondays to read what other writers have to say.

If you have had a breakthrough please share your story with us!!!


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