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This week is a tough one. Too many hard questions are coming to a head in my life and in my prayers. I am weary from the asking, waiting, and wandering. I didn’t have any words at all to share with you guys because I don’t have any answers for the hard things in life, mine or yours. I laid down to take a nap the other day, frustrated after trying to make words happen. The Lord kept me awake with these words, so I thought I would share them with you. We live in hard times. There are no easy answers, but there IS a truth that is bigger than our hurting and questions. CS Lewis referred to it as “a deeper magic.” I don’t have anything else to hold onto. But it is enough.

Christ, and Him Crucified

by Beth Biggers

Bigotry, hate, injustice:

Reeking newsfeed, dripping with venom and ignorance and the hurt of Big throwing Small to the ground; they insist she had it coming.

I do not understand their blindness.

Christ, and Him crucified.


Innocence and faithfulness are rewarded by fear, disease, and death while sinfulness breeds life and health.

This does not fit into my theology.

Christ, and Him crucified.


I am a clamorous thorn in the flesh, too annoying and weak for those I love and respect – Killer of conversation, misser of points, Briar in the heel am I.

I want to hide from the truth in the Lie.

Christ, and Him crucified.


Mind, heart, body, and trust violated until you push me down and I push myself down farther.

I can’t decide who I hate more.

Christ, and Him crucified.


Can I forgive when I have barely discovered the courage to be angry?

I don’t want to give you any more satisfaction.

Christ, and Him crucified.


I hold a tiny body in my hands, gone before it lived. It doesn’t make sense and I don’t understand.

Sometimes, You make me angry.

Christ, and Him crucified.


I demand that a square peg fit into a round hole. It doesn’t work. It’s not supposed to work.

Your wisdom looks like foolishness.

Christ, and Him crucified.


A powerful, floundering, beautiful mess of wonderful ugly and hope. I want to amputate, but I can’t stay away.

Your Body needs every part.

Christ, and Him crucified.


My heart in the desert, desperate for a refuge, a home. No timetable, no roadmap, no compass of fire and cloud.

Either You’re ignoring me completely, or this will prove invaluable.

Christ, and Him crucified.


Everything I hold slips through my fingers. Even my ideas about God can’t be relied upon.

All I have and know for sure:

Christ, and Him crucified.


Even if nothing remains but that pinprick of Light in the crushing Dark, it cannot be overcome.

It is enough.

Christ, and Him crucified.


I lash myself to the mast because Death, Disease, Depression, Injustice, Unfairness, Desperation, and Doubt




I have seen the end of the Story.

Christ, and Him Crucified.


May I never come among you with pretending words for itching ears.

I know one thing, I know it completely, I know nothing more:

Christ, and Him crucified.


My flesh is too soft, heart too dark, gifts not good enough. But I am so loved.

Christ in me, the hope of Glory.

Christ, and Him crucified.

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