Impossible Dreams and Mustard Seed Faith

Faith Spilling Over... Into Everyday Life

impossible dreams and mustard seed

“Did you have any dreams last night?” Most mornings my daughter asks me this question, but I always disappoint her. I’m a deep sleeper. My head hits the pillow, and I lose consciousness until morning. No dreams by night.

I do most of my dreaming by day.

This middle-aged, home schooling, pastor’s wife may not look like much of a dreamer. I spend my days corralling kids, doing errands, cooking, writing, cleaning, going to meetings, visiting people and having company. But in between, I dream. Some of my dreams are my own wild, crazy ideas. Like winning the lottery and spending a month in Italy.

Some of my dreams are God-given and God-driven:

  • Marrying a Salvadoran guy named Jose
  • Having children
  • Moving to Turkey
  • Planting a church with a team
  • Encouraging other women
  • Writing

God placed those dreams in my heart, giving me faith to believe what looked impossible. Even…

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