God of the Little Things by Tanya

God is God of small things

My children are full of energy and also hate to sleep. A while back I posted about my anti-napping son and the lessons I learnt here. Now it is my daughter that is teaching me lessons through her anti-napping.

Every day without fail we go to nap. She is tired- she knows it, her brother knows it, I know it. Every day she sings, laughs, talks, headstands, flips…

And every day at nap time I pray.

I pray for her to go to sleep and for me to be patient until she does. Who would have thought that this would be on my everyday prayer list? But it is.

It is something small, especially to those whose children sleep well. But it is this little thing that I pray for each day.

And of course I have gotten a lesson, as we parents often do, from this situation. Just like I pray to God for this little thing each day, I have realized that God really is the God of the little things and not just the big ones.

When I have a bad headache I can talk to Him about it and not only pray to Him when I feel like my life is in imminent danger.

When I have laundry hung out on the line outside and the rain is threatening to fall, sure I can talk to God about it and ask Him to not let the rain fall.

Sure sometimes He says no and my clothes get wet. Sometimes He says take you migraine medication and wait a while and then the headaches goes.

But you know what? At least I am talking to Him about the myriad of small things that I face each day. And I have learnt that He really is interested in these small things. He really is interested in everything about me.

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I blog at God’s Character, where I share about God’s love for us. I talk about everyday life where we see God’s character showing through. I also blog about home schooling, parenting and family life.

3 thoughts on “God of the Little Things by Tanya

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  2. Amen, Tanya! He really does care about the little things, doesn’t He? I remember the days of sitting on the floor in my daughter’s room, waiting for her to fall asleep. I’d sit with my book, and every time her little head popped up, I’d tell her, “Head down. It’s quiet time!” After 10 minutes or so, (that felt like forever!) she’d succumb to sleep. Relief. I get it, that struggle with naps! I needed them far longer than my kiddos did. Blessings to you today. I hope she sleeps for you!


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