Meet One Of Our Newest Mentor Moms – Wendy

Wendy's Family

Words are powerful!  Words can reach to the core of our soul and set us free.  Wendy’s words touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes every time I read one of her posts.  I feel empowered and encouraged by her insight.  She is filled with wisdom and experience.  She is a lovely lady who is completely sold out to God and desires to write about her love for Him.

I love it when God uses writers in my life to break me and mold me.  He is the potter and I am the clay.   I seek to be a living vessel for the King of Kings to dwell inside of me.  Wendy’s writing creates in me a burning desire to know God more. Something unexplained happens to me  when I drink the words that Wendy writes.  She continually leaves me with new realizations.  

Wendy’s passion for God is very attractive and I’m so glad she accepted my invitation to be a Mentor Mom to our Community. 

Please welcome our newest friend.  Your going to love her!!!

Wendy 5-15

My life story is full of transitions… childhood in the Chicago suburbs, living in a church community in the mountains of North Carolina as a teenager, marriage to my high school sweetheart, homesteading, babies (seven), homeschooling, empty-nesting (only one left), becoming a grandma (16 so far!), and lastly, leaving small town life in Maine for city life in Fort Worth, Texas!

I used to think the transitions were just bumps along the way that I had to get over before I could resume my real life, but now I know they are essential parts of my becoming who I am in Christ.

I’ve been a Christian all my life, but it’s only been the last eight years or so that I have awakened to the love of the Father towards me. He’s turned me from a fragile, anxiety-ridden, perfectionist, into a woman who knows she is beloved by Him.

Writing has developed from prayer journaling that God began using several years ago to open my heart to Him, to sharing on my blog, Blessed Unravelling, some of the things I’ve learned about being set free from a performance driven life.

My desire is to come alongside women to encourage them in their walk with God, by sharing the good things He has done for me. I’m honored and excited to see what God is going to do in and through my life during this latest time of transition in this community of blogging women!

Below is a link to my FaceBook Page as well as several links to some of my favorite posts.

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