Our Friend From The Big Island Of Hawaii – Meet Brandy Hynes – Community Writer


It’s awesome when someone you never met before in person becomes very real to you on Facebook.  This has happened for me with Brandy.  When I meet with her through email, blogging, or facebook, I feel like she is in the same room with me.  Her thoughts, experiences and words bring life to the page.  I admire her courage, kindness, and thoughtfulness towards others.  I sincerely love being in Community with Brandy.  She reaches out to others in our facebook community group and supports other writers.  I appreciate her personality and her consistent availability to connect with others.   Brandy is authentic and a good friend.  Her life is filled with adventure and I look forward to reading more of her stories and I know you will too.  

Please welcome our Friend.

What an honor it is to be here, writing amongst so many other godly women writers. I am so excited to join the team!

A little over a year ago, I was a suburban Ohio housewife, homeschooling my kids and leading ministries at a mega church. Then God called us to walk away from everything that was safe and comfortable to our family, and trust in His plan. Now, we find ourselves 4,000 miles from that life in Ohio, on the big island of Hawaii, learning and growing in Christ every day of this adventure.  My days are busy and filled with love and joy and laughter, and a whole lot of craziness too. I am married to a wildly funny and beautiful man and mama to 6 precious blessings. This man, my best friend, and these charismatic kids are my people.  They have overwhelmed my heart and shaped my faith.

I thrive in two social situations, one on one or on a stage in front of many. The in between is hard for me, and for years I tried to deny that, which led to me trying to be someone I wasn’t and some socially awkward moments (I swear there has been dead silence, stares, and the sound of crickets on a few occasions!). The truth is, my head gets a little foggy trying to visit with a lot of people at one time. It feels noisy, like I just can’t truly connect. Writing clears that noise for me and I imagine the scenarios in which I thrive. Sometimes I am speaking to many, encouraging their walk with Christ. Sometimes I am sitting at my large cheery wood kitchen table, sharing chocolate chip cookies and a cup of flavored coffee with a dear friend. We talk about faith and family, failures and dreams, fears and how the Lord fits into it all. We talk story. That’s what they say here in Hawaii, and I just love that, talking story. I am so looking forward to talking story with you.

Join me at brandyhynes.com where I write about big family, big faith, and the big island of Hawaii.

Chat with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Our Friend From The Big Island Of Hawaii – Meet Brandy Hynes – Community Writer

  1. Welcome, Brandy! I can already tell we’ll be kindred spirits of sorts. I can totally relate to the brain-fog overload of too many people. Yet speaking in front of a group doesn’t really phase me. It’s the after visiting that does me in! And I too find that writing brings mental clarity and focus when my thoughts get too busy. I look forward to getting to know you here. Grace and peace to you!

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  2. Thanks Rebecca! That is exactly my experience. The stage is fine, but getting down can be quite overwhelming when entering the crowd. I’m so grateful for the fellow writers and moms the Lord is bringing into my life. I looking forward to getting to know you as well. May you be blessed by the journey!

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