Our Motives Matter By Desiree Taylor

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Have you ever caught your children being nice to someone because it meant they could play with some cool toy or because they thought they could get something out of the deal?

Being a mom has given God many opportunities to show me my own heart.

I remember when my children were little and they knew that Mom was a little softer than Dad sometimes. When they wanted something really badly they would tend to come up and start with some sweet talk and before you know it they were asking about something they wanted to get.

I caught on after awhile.

These moments and others gave me an opportunity to talk to my children about motives.

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we say what we say?

Why do we word things the way we do when we say them?

If we are honest with ourselves the answers are less than humble.

Philippians 2:3 says “Do nothing without selfish ambition or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves.

How often do we friend someone because we want to be popular or we need to be needed?

How often do we do things hoping deep down it will mean getting something out of it?

How often do we commit to things because we need to be noticed or looked up to?

I have had to check my heart over the years. Especially because I have always allowed people to dictate my worth and identity. I am so thankful I am free from that now.

I am thankful for those opportunities to share these lessons with my children. I am grateful that as a mom they can see I do things out of love for my Heavenly Father and for them. They can see genuine relationships because God has shown me.

I still need to check my heart daily. I still need to pray and seek Him when I have to decide to make a commitment or not.

I encourage you to allow God to examine your heart and motives today. Pray this with your children and pass it on to them.

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One thought on “Our Motives Matter By Desiree Taylor

  1. Yup, motivations of the heart are sneaky and always in need of keeping before Jesus. God has been speaking to me a lot about this lately. Thank-you for this timely reminder!

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