Making A Winter Survival Plan By Kaylie Hodges


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Yeah, it’s ninety degrees here today. We are still in sandles, shorts, and could still go jump in the water right in the middle of the day. So talking about winter seems a little…weird.

But it’s coming. Just a few weeks from now we will all be sipping our Pumpkin Spice Lattes, with our boots pulled up to our knees, and pep rally cheers echoing in our ears.

And we will love it, won’t we?

Because there is something almost magical about fall, it’s easy to get caught up in the fire blaze of leaves, mornings that nip but don’t bite, and the snuggle of a cute flannel shirt that doesn’t need to be covered with a coat.

I do it every year. I adore fall. And every single year somewhere around December I realize winter has surprised me again. Winter fell in the middle of Autumn and I wasn’t ready again.

It was early in life that I realized that the dark seasons could be a problem for me. An offhand mention from my mom about SAD, a depression brought on by winter when I was somewhere around 10:00 struck something in me.

You should know right now I have never been diagnosed with SAD, but the awareness of a very real problem made me aware that my January and February blues could be a real thing.

Yet every single year I am surprised by the way I feel by the time the new year rolls around.

Not any more.

Not this year.

This year I have a plan. Already, in these warm days, the night creeps in earlier. The early morning requires a jacket. When autumn falls away to winter I won’t be knocked off my feet this year.

Anyone else with me?

Here is the game plan:

  1. Go outside: Listen, I hate the cold. Hate it. But I have a great coat and boots, and even when the Texas Panhandle is frigid it is safe to go outside. I know I can’t handle it for long, but a huge breath of fresh air can be…well…a huge breath of fresh air. I’m going to make sure I get some every day.
  2. Face the light: Last year I invested in a small portable vitamin D light. I’m starting now with a few minutes in front of it each morning. Light makes a huge difference in how I feel. As the days get darker, I will face the light more. (I do believe there is a Sunday School lesson in there somewhere!)
  3. Gratitude: I read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp and started my gratitude journal this year. I have loved it, and forcing myself to turn to my pen and paper to tangible thank God has saved many a day. I’m committing right now to thanking our Creator even when I’m simultaneously frustrated with His creation. I suspect I will find a gem or two this winter.
  4. Hope: Listen, God spends a lot of time in the Bible just telling us to hang in there. He reminds us that there are seasons and that some are hard. We endure. We endure because we know that , this, too, shall pass. Winter will end. The day will dawn. Light will come. This whole world is passing away. We can mourn in the death while still hoping in the future. So I will choose to hold on to hope with both hands squeezed until they are white as the pure driven snow.

Sisters, I don’t know what in your life gets you down, but I’m almost sure there is something. Do you struggle after you have sweet babies? Do you get slammed by the constant go the world requires of you? Make a plan. Don’t know how? Borrow mine.

Sweet sisters, we were made for more that a breathless pant of survive. We were made to thrive!


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