There Is Always Good In The Wait by Lauren Jones

psalm 130-5

I do a lot of waiting for the next big thing. I look forward to better days ahead. I imagine life easier and the day’s smoother, but the truth is there is joy in today. Sure, we should all look forward to eternity with our savior and the beautiful sights that we are yet to behold. But life here is all about lessons and finding joy in the mundane.

Whether you are waiting for life to get easier or the long day to end, there is always good in the wait.

Like the time I was waiting in line at the store and someone gave me a much needed parenting compliment, “your kids are so well behaved”! I never thought I would hear this, especially while I was waiting in the longest line possible. Tapping my foot in annoyance, mumbling under my breath, and someone is complimented me (well my children)? I was in shock!  She must not have seen our toddler meltdown 20 minutes ago. Regardless, this comment made my day! I was so happy that I picked the longest line to wait in and that my children were displaying such patient temperaments because I surely was not. There is always good in the wait.

Or the time I was pregnant with our second child and my husband was laid off. He was still a student and nobody wanted to hire him with just a few months left of school. It felt like forever waiting for a better life, to stop racking up debt, and to finally get things moving in the right direction for our future. During that time, we have some of the best memories of being a family and just being together. There is always good in the wait.

Another time I can think of was when my husband (at the time boyfriend) went to school 2 hours away. I was always waiting on him to visit me on the weekends. I was always waiting on him to call me before class or before bed. I was waiting for commitment and for him to show me love. Meanwhile, I fell in love with Jesus, the only love that can truly fill you up! I was blessed that I had to wait time and time again just to see the love that was waiting for me all along. There is always good in the wait.

I still wait, every single day. While I’m waiting for the arrival of our third child or just waiting on my husband to finally get out of work, I can see the joy. I’m not a patient person, in fact patience is something I lack. I constantly have to learn how to be patient. Sometimes we are just too focused on the task ahead that we forget to recognize the beauty in the present. While the joy in the present isn’t always obvious, I can look back and see the wonderful things that happened while I was waiting. We can all do that because there is always good in the wait.



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2 thoughts on “There Is Always Good In The Wait by Lauren Jones

  1. Very well said Lauren. We are always waiting for something. Your reminder is great! I will enjoy each new day our Great God gives me! I don’t want to be so focused on the end result that I miss out on today’s blessings!

    Keep writing Girl! God’s gonna use your words to encourage others!


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