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During the coming holiday season, and life in general, we’re going to be asked to commit to many obligations. There will be parties to attend, activities to participate in, and responsibilities which must be fulfilled. How are we to determine which opportunities to commit to and which need to take a pass?


Seek Ye First – Before I determine anything else, I need to first ask the Lord what He wants of my day, time, and resources. It might seem like a trivial request – it’s only a party, after all – but, in reality, nothing is too inconsequential to take before the throne of God. Does God want this for me? Will I bring God glory by attending this event? (Not all holiday activities are a good idea. Some might stumble us or put us in an awkward position.) Even if the one activity seems great, added together with the multitude of other possibilities, it just might be the straw which breaks this camel’s back. I need to pray; asking the Lord to guide me through this busy season, and everyday life, with His best being the goal. I want to humbly seek His will above all else, and be open to the Lord removing (and adding) in events which He deems profitable.


Honey Do – Once I’ve received the Lord’s approval for this activity, I then need to take it before my husband. Just because God has said I am permitted to participate, doesn’t mean my husband is open to the possibility. Perhaps he might have reservations about being overcommitted or has other plans in mind. Out of respect, and love, I want to speak to my husband about all opportunities and activities, making sure we are one.


Family Too – Before pressing on, is this an activity which will benefit our family? (Not necessarily monetarily, but spiritually and/or educationally.) Will we be able to take something away from the event? Does this help us grow closer to the Lord and stronger as a family? I want to choose activities which will help me further my first ministry, which is to my family.


What about those activities/events which involve only myself? They still fit into these categories! I should always seek the Lord first, asking if it’s His will for me to take part in any opportunity. I then need to seek my husband out, asking if he has any objections to my participation. Then, I need to weigh the benefits to my family. Mom’s Night’s Out and Women’s Ministry events most certainly benefit my family when I return home refreshed, renewed, and ready to carry out my ministry to my family. As do many other activities.


I only have so much time in my day, week, year, and life. There are many great opportunities out there. That doesn’t mean every opportunity is meant for me. By seeking the Lord’s approval, my husband’s wisdom, and the benefit of my family, I am better able to choose which activities I need to be a part of and which might better be left for another time.


The upcoming Christmas season is going to be busy. But, I know it will be a blessing. I have the Lord behind me, my husband beside me, and my family along for the fun. When I prioritize my life according to God’s best, it can’t be anything but good.


♥️Heart Check: Are there some things you consider too small for God to handle? Take comfort, and joy, in knowing nothing is too little for God. He knows everything about you and wants you to seek Him in all things!


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