Drawing Close To God By Desiree Taylor

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It had been a season of grieving losses, meeting needs, and just loving others. I felt a tug on my heart that I recognized from seasons past. That gentle nudge of the Holy spirit saying, “Come with me.”

God was calling me to some time to step back for a month. He prepared me lovingly for a time of pruning and filling up in Him.

It truly is amazing when you walk in the Spirit. It is so natural. You take steps without even really thinking about it.

I realized after that I was not reaching out like I normally do. It was as though God allowed me to see what He wanted me to be doing this next season and who would be a part of that.

There are constant friends who stay and reach out regularly. Some relationships have changed for different reasons. He has reconnected me with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. He has brought others in who want to be mentored.

He was reshaping me.

He was pruning me and taking out more junk in order to move me deeper in Him.

He was making it clear where my time needed to be spent and where I need to be investing myself.

I needed to be taken back and make sure I was filling myself with God’s Word and personal time with Him. I needed to make sure that above all my early relationships, my husband and marriage came first. Then my kids and ministry follows.

I am truly thankful I have been obedient.

When God tugs on us and calls us to step back for a little bit, we need to listen.

I have experienced a deep cleansing and a freedom like I have never known. I am living in that peace that passes all understanding.

It has taken years for some of this junk to go and I know there will be more pruning times in the future but I can’t even describe to you the feeling. You literally feel lighter and emptied out inside. Empty of the junk, yet full of the spirit.

Are you feeling weary or burdened inside? Are you seeking God for His steps for your life? Are you feeling God calling you to draw near to Him.

My friends, I encourage you to listen. God wants to speak to you. He wants to guide you and direct you in the paths He has planned out for you. He wants to cleanse your heart and emotions. He wants to renew your minds.

One thing I have had to do is let go of needing to protect myself, my family, and those I love. I have had to let go of worrying about what others think of me and stop feeling the need to defend myself.

God wants to do all of that for me.

Psalm 25:4 “Make me know Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths.”

May this be our prayer this week and may we be obedient wherever He calls us!

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I love writing about marriage, parenting, and our every day walk with the Lord. Some of my favorites are listed below along with my testimony. I pray that God will bless you and speak to you through each word that is written.

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4 thoughts on “Drawing Close To God By Desiree Taylor

  1. This morning the first line in Psalm 91 came to mind… “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” The promises of safety and refuge that follow are so comforting and worth whatever it takes to seek His face. I am so glad, dear sister, that you have experienced a time of refreshing with the Father!

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  2. Thank you so much Wendy!! I pray that it encourages others to follow Him when he calls. Sometimes it si hard to let go do what we think we should be doing or doing things the way we had been doing them. My greatest heart’s desire is to see people free and to be walking in the Spirit!

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  3. Thanks Des! Your transparency always makes me ask myself some hard questions and your boldness and obedience to Him is a beautiful example of what it may look like to be in His will. I know all our paths are different but stepping back from going and going and just hanging with Jesus for a bit may be what He’s calling many to do…. maybe even me…. Hmmm…. I will be in prayer about this! Always want to be in His will… Not just where I’m happy! Thank you!!

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  4. This reminds me of a time when I was praying in the morning for situations and the people in our lives when I was stopped by a gentle voice that said – “Just be withMe. I want to minister to you.” I sat at His feet and just listened to Him and found that it was true. I was so busy praying for others and things that I wasn’t giving time for God to do a work in me.
    Thank you for sharing this. It is a good reminder of how much He cares for us and wants to touch our lives. Love you and your family.


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