More Than A Conqueror Blogging Series -Story by Kathy Collard Miller

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Hold on tight and get ready to read a story that sets the captives free and brings God’s love to light.

Today Kathy Collard Miller shares her story.  Her story is posted on my friends blog Vision61 ministries. (Angel Buff)

Kathy’s love and trust for God is obvious in her words.  She shows us an amazing God whose love is unconditional.  She tells us about a Savior that heals, delivers, and mends.

Kathy reminds us that God is a good God!

Do you have a past that you are struggling to overcome?

Do you feel that your actions are unforgivable?

Do you struggle with forgiven yourself?

Do you feel alone and want to give up?

Do you need God to help you with anger?

Do you wonder if God is available to help you?

Kathy’s story is full of hope.

Kathy shares about being a mom and her struggle with anger.

Please join us today.      I Don’t Really Want To Hurt My Child



Kathy Collard Miller ( is a popular women’s retreat speaker who has spoken in 8 foreign countries and 31 US states. She has authored 51 books including Choices of the Heart: Daughters of the King Bible study series (Elk Lake Publishing) and Never Ever Be the Same (Leafwood Publishers).




Twitter: @KathyCMiller

Choices of the Heart: Daughters of the King Bible study series:

Never Ever Be the Same:


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