More Than A Conqueror Blogging Series by Ayla S.

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Today’s post is written by Ayla S.

Born into Islam and born again into Christ; Ayla is a single Mommy to two mostly joyful, at times testy littles. She is a book worm, scripture hoarder, praise dancer, freedom junkie, and a lover of all things chocolate. Ayla writes at www.abeautifultapestry.comwhere her passion for Jesus and writing intersect in life stories that God continues to weave together for His glory. 


The eyes are the window to your soul. 

I never quite grasped the precision of this well known statement, until a rather solemn moment with my chiropractor two years ago.  I had been seeing him for about four years at the time.  He was undergoing his routine procedure of adjusting and identifying possible areas of concern, while holding my hands in this precarious way that only he and God understand.  He abruptly stopped in the middle of his conclusion and asked what was going on.  I responded with a light hearted laugh in an effort to ward off any notion that I was seriously ill.  He remained persistent in following up with “What has happened in your life recently? You are not the same.”  I nervously confessed my lack of interpretation of his insinuation in response to which he said that this was the first time in the four years I had been seeing him that I had looked him in the eyes while engaged in conversation.  His observation blew my mind as I realized in that moment how consumed my life had been by shame prior to my experiencing God’s healing and freedom.


If there is anything I have learned about shame it is that it secretly resides within the deep, hurting trenches of your soul.  It’s the intruder that you don’t discover until after he or she has left leaving irrevocable damage behind.  I know because I inadvertently carried it around for thirty years.  You see I was … Full Story Is Posted Over At Vision61 Ministries

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