What Every Mom and Child Needs during Christmas Break. Parenting Tip by Lisa Brown


Why should we make quiet time a priority?  

Are there any Moms out there today who are pulling their hair out yet?   Are the kids running through the house fighting, complaining about being bored, begging you to let them spend the day in front of the computer, crying because their friends can’t come over to play because they are sick, and on and on……?

If this is your home life today don’t feel alone.  I bet you candy canes that this is happening in the majority of our families today.    Christmas break can be stressful.   Especially for busy families on the go all the time.  To slow down and not be on a normal schedule can be fun and challenging all at the same time.

Kids ask, “What is next and what are we going to do.?”

Some of us moms are saying, “I don’t know and I don’t want to go anywhere for once.”

We are on a short Christmas break and I want to make the best use of our time before we start our second semester of homeschooling.  I have tons of things to do before we start school next semester and writing projects to do.

It’s challenging for me to slow down and enjoy family time and time for myself.  Yet I know that this is exactly what I need to do and so do my kids.

My kids are sleeping in from a very busy weekend and it feels so good to sit in quiet.  I look at our little Christmas tree and it has dust on it’s branches.  We have three dogs and so I’m not surprised.  It feels unsettling though.  I desire to have everything just right!!! We have had it up since the day after Thanksgiving!!!  The kids Nanna from Texas helped us decorate it.  It was indeed a memorable event.  And that is all that really matters.

Building Memories with love ones is priceless and I strive to live life keeping it that way.

There are still decorations to be put out, gifts to wrap and shop for, and yummies to bake.  Even though I enjoy these things it tires me out just thinking about them.   My mind, body, and soul need rest.

My kids need rest and quiet time to just be without being told what to do or be entertained.

I serioiusly have to ask myself from time-to-time -“With all the toys, games, shows, and places to go do we know how to just be?” 

Do we know how to be quiet and be alone?  Does sitting still make us uncomfortable?

Just being is appreciating simplicity.  It’s taking time to create, explore, and discover something new in a book, art, or a box of legos with no directions.

What will we do to quiet our souls this week with all the fun things and activities that a Christmas break brings?  And why should we make quiet time a priority?  

For the first time in months we have an empty calander.

My kids expect me to entertain them.  They complain about being bored when things are not put in front of them to do.

I feel that the pressure is on me to keep my kids busy so they don’t fight or sit in front of the television or computer all day.   It would be an easy out for me to let them do so  because I have plenty of creating to do!   I desparetly need to shut myself behind a door and be sit in quiet.

I love music, reading, writing, cooking and decorating!!!!  I need my mommy time to be myself.    And I’m pretty sure we all do as moms.  Some of us need it more than others because of our personalities and tempermants.  I’m an introvert and I need down time.

I don’t want to be a scrooge over Christmas break. But I’m afraid I might be if I don’t take care of my God given needs.    I’m going to expect my kids over break to take personal time  alone to do something by themself that isn’t screen time entertainment.  And I’m also going to request that they not interrupt my quiet time.

I realize that this is not going to go as smoothly as I would like it.  I can’t expect them to do something that they haven’t been asked to do on a regular basis.    I’ve tried over the years to implement quiet time with our homeschooling schedule and they would fight it instead of embrace it.  I gave up.  I wish I hadn’t.

It’s important for kids to respect others who desire quiet and time alone.  It’s just as important for kids to learn how to entertain themselves and be still.  Most importantly kids need to listen to there soul and take time out for themselves to do what fills them up.

My two kids love to pretend play for hours.  They act out movies and pretend to be different charactors.  They enjoy making up their own stories.  It’s very entertaining and it gets really loud and rumbucsious in our little home.   I love the interaction!!!  But I miss my quiet.

Now that my kids are eight and six they will need to respect my request for quiet time.    It’s the healthy thing to do.  Right now my kids don’t honor my husband or me in this area.    My New Year plan is to require quiet time everyday.  

I’d like to encourage you to do the same.  In the long run it helps our kids be independant thinkers.  It helps them learn to be creative and invent.

Following is a post that one of my writing friends wrote for our mom community a year ago.     


Kaylie Hodges in her post  Quiet Time For Kids

Kaylie says in her post,

“These kids need the quiet and still to stir up energy that has been sapped by constant input. They use the time to process, rest, and remember. The rest fuels their ability to play and problem solve creatively. They can sink far more comfortably into their skin when they get the time they need by themselves.

My extroverts are another story though. They are my rest time resisters and while it may appear that they aren’t tired, the signs are definitely there. Most notably, their energetic effort to make things work for them, their creativity turns lazy and becomes apathetic. You might notice your little extroverts slipping into manipulating things in an unhealthly way. Mine usually start slipping in little fibs to make things work for them. Often they start overpowering their more tired siblings.

My extroverts need a forced quiet time to reflect. Lazy creativity can create bad habits. As strong extrovert myself, I know that self-reflection is a habit that needs to be practiced in order to good creative habits. I occasionally (okay, fine, after a really bad morning) give my extroverts reflection questions to think about during quiet time.

Working with limits, not against them.

Most kids will set limits for themselves if given enough freedom, but often they need our guiding hand to see when they have reached those limits. We are the guardians of their little hearts and when we see them move from healthy self expression to frustration and bad habits we do well to direct them to rest and reflection.”

How do you and your kids spend quiet time?  Do you have a quiet time in your home?  Why or why not?  What tips might you have to help parents implement quiet time successfully in their homes with the resistant child?   How does quiet time serve you and your family?

Love to read your insights or questions in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “What Every Mom and Child Needs during Christmas Break. Parenting Tip by Lisa Brown

  1. I got my girls devotional books for their December birthdays and it’s amazing how such a small tool can make such a difference. While I struggle to get them to do required reading for school, they eagerly curl up with their Bibles and devotional books each day without being asked. It’s a blessing to them, and to me.

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    • Hi Heather- Thanks for sharing this with me. I’m reminded of my son who loves his Bible and at age eight he is so proud of himself that he can read more. He also likes to snuggle in his bunk bed and reads God word. It makes my heart smile and it also makes me remember that I also enjoy reading God’s word and life goes so much better when I do. Thanks for connecting with me. I look forward to sharing thoughts with you throughout the next year. Have a blessed day!!!

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