What Is The Greatest Gift Ever Given In History? Inspiration For Christian Living


Who needs something big to happen in their life today and are your burdens too heavy to carry on your own?   Maybe you have a Christmas wish or you long to hear good news before the New Year starts.  Will your wish give you everlasting joy?  Will it hold you through?

The greatest gift ever given in history is not a thing.   It’s something bigger than you and me.   Do you know what that is?   I do and I can’t live without it.  It’s the very thing that gives me hope everyday.

Today my friend shares with us what this amazing gift is and who it comes from.  I can tell you right not that this gift isn’t from the store or the neighbor down the road.

I’ll give you a hint.  This  gift comes from someone who was born in the Manger.

And what exactly did He give us?  My friend wants to share her story.  It’s my story too.  It’s not uncommon and most people will say it’s their’s too.   Perhaps this is your story or not.  But it could be if you would be willing to recieve.

Please come on over to Joy Abounds to recieve your gift.

Title Of Post Will be –  Broken Freedom by JessicaVanRoekel

You will not be dissapointed.

God Bless You and Merry Christmas.

 Joy Abounds   is my other blog site.  I’d love to have your company over there too.  We post about Christian Living, Share Devotionals, and Pray Together At The Cross.     Make sure to sign up to recieve posts in your email.    Lisa Brown

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